Netflix The Dig: Holiday bookings surge in Suffolk

    Bookings in holiday parks in Suffolk have increased considerably following the success of the Netflix film The Dig. The film by director Simon Stone was released in May this year and has already received a score of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes as well as 73% on Metacritic. The plot is largely based on the real-life discovery of the Anglo-Saxon ship-burial at Sutton Hoo. The ship is considered to be one of the most important recent archaeological findings in Britain, containing valuable Anglo-Saxon artefacts.

    Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan star in the historical film which takes place near the real excavation site in Suffolk. The Dig has become so successful that many people have decided to spend their holidays in Suffolk, taking in the magnificent coastline, pretty local villages and beautiful natural reserves.

    Holiday bookings spike in Suffolk where the film took place

    Holiday parks have noticed a large increase in bookings due to the popularity of the film. Many holidaymakers have chosen to stay in accommodations along the coast. According to Park Holidays UK the stunning landscapes shown in The Dig have inspired people to visit their Suffolk parks. There are five parks by Park Holidays UK in various locations on the coast, which offer the perfect sea-side holiday spot with a bit of history.

    Park Holidays UK director Tony Clish explains: “Our Suffolk parks have always had a large and loyal following, but Netflix has done a magnificent job in publicising this enchanting area to a much wider audience. Our staff are being briefed so that they can advise guests on where to go to discover the filming locations used by Netflix both along the coast and inland.”

    Apparently, some guests have even started their own little excavations. Clish noticed that “people seem to have been doing a bit of digging themselves, and identified our parks as among the best placed for making scenic discoveries.”

    Is The Dig based on a real story?

    The digging is inspired by the story of amateur archaeologist Basil Brown who makes an amazing discovery on the land of Edith Pretty. The ship burial war largely undisturbed when it was discovered and is thought to be the burial place of Rædwald of East Anglia. The finding was so significant that experts have been excavating the surrounding areas ever since.

    Many historical facts in the show are accurate, however some things were changed for dramatic purposes. Rory Lomax (Johnny Flynn), for example, is a fictional character, which makes his relationship with Peggy Preston, played by Lily James, fictional as well. Besides Rory Lomax all other characters in The Dig are based on real people who were a part of the story in the late 1930s. Some dramatic scenes such as the one where a burial mound nearly collapses on Basil are not historically documented.

    Among the treasures that were found in the burial ship at Sutton Hoo were a shield and a sword. The film not only offers some insights to a fascinating story, but also shows the true beauty of the stunning landscapes in Suffolk.

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