Online Baccarat – How to Play

    Baccarat is no doubt one of the oldest games that continue to age like fine wine. It has been around for centuries and it is still one of those games worth playing. Now, it is actually not that hard to play. Like any other game, it might look a bit tricky initially, but it won’t take you long before you become a pro. 

    The good thing with winning Baccarat is not really hinged a lot on your prowess. In fact, anyone can win a bet without any mathematical strategy. Still, knowing the basics of how to play it is key to winning. This article will walk you through everything you ought to know about Baccarat, including how to play the online Baccarat. Let us get started, shall we?

    Choose your game

    Online Baccarat begins with the choice of the Baccarat game to play. This is because different casinos will give you diverse versions of the Baccarat table. One of the tips on how to improve your finance in matters of betting is to not get mixed up by the platform. This is why perhaps picking the standard Baccarat table or dealer table could be the right choice. Remember, the odds and house edge match the regular baccarat table.

    Provide your stake

    When the game loads, you are required to set your stake. You are free to either increase or decrease your stake according to your preferences. If you accidentally set a wrong value, you are free to clear and adjust to align to your desired value. 

    Place a Bet

    The most crucial part of every game is placing the bet and online Baccarat is not an exception. On how to play this game, you have three betting options namely the Player, Banker, and Tie spots. These names do not correspond to you as a player or the house itself. You can freely bet on any of these. These Player and Banker options are often the highly highly-recommended options. After placing your bet, trigger the deal via the respective dealer button. Now the task is forwarded to the dealer. The role of the dealer is to deal with the two cards each for the Banker and the player. The outcome of these two groups of cards will define how the subsequent cards are dealt with.

    The Result

    The objective of this game is to get the hand total that is closest to 9. Here, aces are assigned a value of 1 while Tens through Kings are assigned a value of 0. Cards 2 through 9 are the ones whose face value counts. In the first round of the two pairs of cards, the hand that gets 8 or 9 is considered a natural winner. The exception here is where the two sides both get an eight or nine as this is considered a tie. If the sum of card values exceeds 9, then the first value of the result is removed and the second value is considered the result. (For example, 8+4=12. You drop 1 and remain with 2 as the outcome). If the player’s total is at most 5, the player is automatically dealt one more card. Again, if the player gets a value of 6 or 7, the player stands. Now if the player stands, the Banker takes another card given the Banker’s hand has 5 or fewer cards. 


    As aforementioned, the main aim of this game is to get a side that racks up the highest totals. Whether it is the player or the Banker side, a win is simply a win. In terms of payout, the Player and Banker won’t take the same amount for the same stake. This is because the Banker is considered to enjoy the advantage of always acting second.  A winning Banker gets a 1/1 payout but 5% goes to the Casino as commission.  On the other side, a winning Player gets a 1/1 payout and is not subjected to any commission by the casino. Therefore, if a player stakes $20 and wins, then the player gets a profit of $10. 

    Bet Again or Quit

    When the first bet ends, you can decide to continue with another bet or simply quit. Before making this decision, make sure you are informed of best betting practices to avoid gambling gone too wrong. Navigate the interface and you will see the re-bet buttons and respective quit buttons. You can also change the bet value and wager as many times as you want. 

    Wrap up

    Online Baccarat is a simple game that any gambling lover will enjoy playing. The good thing about this game is that it is largely a game of pure chances.  Therefore, strategic decisions are not very important. Irrespective of your stake, the game rules remain the same throughout the game. So if you thought online Baccarat was going to frustrate you, then you are wrong! Just try it out. Join many people across the globe who love playing online Baccarat!

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