How Modern Virtual Reality Technology is Used in Online Video Games

    With the rise of Virtual Reality (VR), gaming is becoming more popular than ever before. It probably won’t surprise you that the iGaming industry is jumping on board the train and is developing plenty of virtual reality casino games. In fact, players can already play in some Canada online casino.

    Why Virtual Reality?

    It’s no easy task to compete when you know that there are thousands of online casinos out there, each fighting to attract players. Attracting and keeping a new player is not as simple as simply offering a nice welcome bonus. Online casinos in (and outside) Canada need to offer their offerings through multiple channels and platforms and also adopt the latest technologies and news to appeal to their existing and, more importantly, new players.

    Internet casinos are always looking for means to improve the experience for their players. Over the past two decades, casinos have evolved by implementing new technologies at a breakneck pace to provide their players with the most realistic casino experience possible. From games with high-definition 3D graphics and live casino games hosted by human dealers to mobile casinos, the gambling industry has done its utmost to provide players with an environment that is not only safe and user-friendly but can also rival that of land-based, offline casinos.

    However, online casinos must always evolve to meet the demands of the constantly changing target audience. For example, Canadian online casinos can only attract a younger generation by implementing technology that provides a fully interactive environment that is a lot more realistic than a traditional arcade with slot machines can offer. Virtual reality casino games may be the solution and can provide the next-gen experience our gambling millennials are looking for. Young gamblers are the future, and with VR technology, the gambling world will finally be able to face these players who are always looking for challenges.

    What is Virtual Reality?

    Also known as realistic multimedia in which you are immersed in a computer simulation. Virtual reality is a type of computer technology that replicates a real or fictional environment. It simulates the physical presence of the user in the fake environment where the user can interact with everything around them. This is typically done through VR goggles and/or other devices where the technology creates a kind of artificial experience for your senses, which can rely on your sense of sight, hearing, touch and smell.

    Although VR can be used for multiple applications, today, it is mainly used for entertainment purposes to generate a fictional reality for gamers, but also in 3D movies, for example. It is also used as an educational tool to simulate real-life situations before venturing into a real-life scenario (e.g. flight simulations for pilots and military training).

    In addition, we should note that although virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) are often combined, they are not the same technologies. On the one hand, VR provides a fully digital recreation of a real or imaginary environment, while augmented reality generates virtual 3D elements that complement the real world. AR allows you to enhance or add utility to certain real-life elements, such as 3D images that make text appear on the display or text messages that are displayed directly in front of your eye.

    A Complete Experience

    By placing the player in a 3D environment, the surroundings will seem much more real and alive, so you can really immerse yourself in it. Image design and graphic design have already grown tremendously in recent years, but imagine having that all around you as well? A beautiful game also means more fun to play, or virtual reality could have a good effect on any kind of game. The future of gaming is in virtual reality, including online casinos. The leaders in the field of online casinos are working on it because technology is constantly evolving. What is clear is that you can expect a fully enriched gaming experience in the coming years.

    Virtual Reality Gaming and Gambling

    VR casinos are seen as “the next big thing” in the online gambling world. In the future, everyone will be able to enjoy various slots, table games, and poker in a virtual environment. This would take the online casino experience, which has already been greatly elevated since the rise of mobile technologies (think mobile casinos for smartphones), to an unprecedented level.

    That said virtual reality casino games are already more than simply a concept. For example, major studios such as Microgaming and NetEnt are testing out the new technology.

    The Advantage of Virtual Reality Gambling at an Online Casino

    It has been possible to gamble on the Internet for many years, and you never needed VR glasses to do so. You might have enjoyed it all these years, and we can imagine you’re wondering why you would want to play at a virtual casino in the first place. The difference between a virtual reality casino and a standard slots provider on the Internet is simply that you get much more involved in the games. You are not walking around the gambling hall, as you are connecting to a website via the Internet. By gambling with VR glasses on 3D slots, you actually get the feeling that you are walking around the aisles of the establishment. So it goes without saying that you will get an adrenaline rush much sooner and much more often while playing at a virtual reality casino because the experience of gambling is just much closer. Even if you don’t have VR glasses, you can just walk around the virtual gambling hall and participate in the most fun games of chance in a three-dimensional way. So from a financial point of view, it is not necessary to play at a VR casino, but it certainly provides a completely new angle that you never thought possible in the past.

    Virtual Reality Gaming in the Future

    It seems that virtual reality is becoming the future of gaming, as well as for various educational applications such as flight simulators for pilots. But what specifically does the future hold for virtual reality casino games in the future?

    Some people are optimistic and believe that VR is the future of gaming that will become a dominant platform. However, others are not really convinced that virtual reality casino games will score online since no one knows how big the VR casino customer base will ever be. At the moment, VR is mainly used as a marketing tool within the gambling world, and its potential success is only estimated based on predictions. Some firms such as Goldman Sachs have already predicted that the virtual world will make more money than television companies within a decade.

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