On a Student Budget: 6 Male Accessories to Rock This Summer

    The spring-summer 2021 season brought new colors and styles to men’s fashion with many men’s accessories. On the runways, there were all variations of classic clothing, as well as extraordinary novelties.

    These days, a traditional men’s look is combined with bold prints and vibrant colors, and it looks fresher than ever before. Any outfit is complemented by accessories that add the necessary accent and emphasize individuality. We’ve decided to collect 6 items that are extra trendy this summer. All of them are available for a student budget, so be sure to check them out.

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    People are always on the move these days. We carry lots of items with us: phones, laptops, documents, books, sports gear, etc. So, comfort becomes a necessity.

    We are more and more focused on ease and convenience when choosing clothes and accessories, and backpacks fit into this concept perfectly. They guarantee good posture, plus you don’t need to carry anything in your hands. Fashion designers make backpacks more and more unique and thanks to them, they become part of a wide variety of styles (from office and sport to business casual).

    As for the colors and materials, there are no limits. The main thing is that the backpack looks harmonious with your outfit.


    This accessory became popular a couple of years ago. Until then, men’s bracelets were typically associated with certain subcultures or movie stars. By the way, Johnny Depp was one of them, as pictures of him wearing sets of bracelets were practically everywhere.

    Today, watches are slightly less worn due to the fact that phones envisaged their function. And when wrists are left free, bracelets become a great choice.

    Take a look at the leather bracelets that are earth-toned (brown, beige, green) or dark (blue, burgundy). They might be wide or thin, sometimes with a simple metal buckle.

    Pay attention to sets of men’s bracelets. They often include not only leather, but also stone, wooden and rope elements or come in agate or stainless steel, as sold on Dreamland Jewelry. The advantages are that they can be worn both together and separately. Thus, why not buy 3 or 4 bracelets in a set at once?


    The original sports glasses, intriguing ones with colored or mirrored lenses, typical casual – all of them will refresh your look.

    Again, there are no boundaries – everything is fashionable this season. Frames may feature prints or be made of wood, metal. As for the glasses, they may have thin or massive and wide arches.

    Be sure to try the following models:

    • Glasses of large sizes with neat, soft rims;
    • Frames that combine several materials (plastic and metal, for instance). 

    You may also experiment with different colors or turn to classics and buy a pair of black glasses.


    After the pandemic, we all strive for freedom and convenience. This leitmotif was present in all spring-summer collections. Designers expressed their creative ideas with the help of classic lines, experimental shapes, new fabrics and colors.

    As it was mentioned earlier, the focus remains on functionality and practicality. Soft, oversized bags and backpacks in nylon or cotton are related to utilitarian style which adds elegance and ease to any outfit.

    Next, we’ve got waist bags, which have not lost their popularity. Items with monograms and logos are especially popular.

    Another interesting trend is bags with straps made of durable fabric. Previously, they were associated only with extreme sports. But now these monochromatic models are practical accessories with urban chic.

    Of course, we can’t help but mention a tote bag. It is the most finishing touch of any street style outfit. Take a closer look at the unusual denim models made using the patchwork technique.

    Last but not least are bags with strict geometric shapes. Round, cylindrical, triangular, square – they all have become a source of inspiration for designers.

    Bucket Hats

    Decades ago, you could meet gentlemen wearing hats on the street, and today sun hats have become the new it-accessory. They were developed mainly for the Asian market, whose influence in the fashion industry only grows.

    If you are thinking of buying a bucket hat, then get a basic color, without patterns. It will perfectly complement your sporty or urban look. With a short-sleeved shirt with bermuda shorts and a sun hat, you will look super trendy.


    Previously, men considered socks to be something unimportant, but now such an opinion is completely outdated. This part of a man’s wardrobe is significant. If you choose the wrong socks, your whole look can be ruined.

    The best thing about Q for Quinn Inc. socks is that they can be worn with anything from shorts to a business suit.. It is crucial to pick up the right color. It can be bright (purple, orange, red, green) because you need a catchy emphasis on this detail. Socks with abstract or animal prints are amazing choices, too. 

    Multicolored stripes and circles, complex geometric patterns – everyone can find something for themselves. 

    To Sum Up

    The modern man doesn’t hide behind gloomy boring clothes. Fashion has become a wonderful tool for self-expression, as models offered by designers give us room to experiment with styles. 

    When thinking through outfits for summer 2021, note that the most popular colors now are:

    • Bright shades like orange, green and pink;
    • Blue: an indigo suit will look great with a pastel-colored shirt and a bright tie;
    • Caramel. T-shirts and shirts of this color are simply irreplaceable;
    • Graphite looks good with all shades of lilac.

    Paired with accessories, such a palette will highlight your look in the best possible way.

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