Are Online Casinos Popular Among Z-Gen People?

    Internet gambling has been gaining momentum over the years, and the situation is still the same – lots of people come to online gambling halls and spend a lot of time playing their favorite games and trying to win a jackpot. The same refers to Z-gen people – online gambling is one of the most popular pastimes among students and teenagers. The days when people could only buy lottery tickets, gamble in land-based casinos, and place bets on sports games in the offline mode have gone. Online gambling is growing faster than ever before among teenagers.

    Some consider that online betting by teens has become a headache for parents, while others still believe that playing casino games relieves stress and helps to deal with routine tasks and everyday problems. It is an online category with nearly 10 million users, and many of them are youngsters.

    According to the Department of Justice, online poker worldwide is currently worth over $30 billion, and the online gambling and slot games segment in the United States is worth $6 billion annually. As the Annenberg Center for Public Policy states in their report, there are many gambling websites that have teens and young users, and over 20% of teens attending high school play poker at least once a month. What’s more, over the past decade, the center has tracked young teens playing on gambling sites.

    Online Gambling Facts for Z-Gen Gamblers

    It turns out that several young people and college students are gambling online. The survey was recently conducted by Mr. Dan Romer, director of the Annenberg Institute for Adolescent Communication. In the course of this survey, it was found that more and more teenagers were spending a lot of time on online gambling, and restrictions on payment for such sites cannot prevent them.

    There are several facts that are obtained from the survey report.

    • About 400,000 college students or young adults play online at least once a week.
    • More than 1.7 million young people gamble online at least once a month.
    • Approximately 530,000 school-age teens visit online gambling sites every month.
    • The share of high school-age male internet players increased from 2.7% to 6.2% between 2008 and 2010.
    • It has been found that women of senior school age are less involved in online gambling than men. They seem to be more interested in offline sports-related gambling.
    • In 2008, about 9.5% of high school students were reported to be involved in sports every month. This percentage increased to 22% in 2010 and is still on the rise.

    The dramatic increase in the number of online players is due to the fact that payment restrictions are no longer an issue for young people. Modern online casinos are made in a way that they allow for top-notch entertainment. Virtual reality, artificial reality, 3D graph models – all these make online gambling more and more popular with Z-gen people. In the current COVID times, it is also safer and more convenient to gamble from the home setting. This is actually what most young gamblers enjoy.

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