7 Best Ways to Hire Salesforce Consultants

    Every business needs to leverage the right technology to enjoy growth and compete effectively. This is where the salesforce consulting partner comes in. Their skills, expertise, and experience are essential to the development of a business. However, it is hinged on the nature of the salesforce consultant you hire. If you are looking for help with software automation and testing, you need to know that you have the right help. The testRigor tools are often the best there is and with the right person leading it, you can keep your IT and automation in check. When you need a salesforce consultant, you have to employ the same thinking as when you need the right company for test automation.

    This article will shed light on the most effective ways to get the perfect salesforce consultants for your business. When you consider the massive input that salesforce has on a business, it is essential to be meticulous before selecting your salesforce partner.

    Here are seven tips to guide you through a selection of the best salesforce consultant

    Look for Soft Skills

    Your Salesforce consulting partner is an integral part of your technical support team. This makes it essential for them to have impeccable people skills. With this, they will have no issue working and relating with your staff that is not as technologically savvy as they are. It is essential to ask questions to understand if such a partner will relate well with your team.

    The salesforce consulting partner needs to be willing to teach your staff the simple maintenance practices of the project. This involves having someone patient and friendly enough to spell these things out to your staff.

    It will be easy for your partner to understand what the staff needs with the right soft skills. Also, a consultant that is easy to work with makes it simple for the team to understand the processes that require automation.

    Check for Salesforce Certification

    The certification is like an endorsement of the expertise of the partner. It also validates the experience, skill, and knowledge of such partners to handle implementation successfully. With Salesforce certification, you can quickly know which partner is updated on current practices.

    There are five major salesforce certifications you should be aware of; examples are:

    • Certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant
    • Certified Salesforce Developer
    • Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator
    • Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
    • Certified Salesforce Administrator

    While the developer and administrator certification are essential for all salesforce partners, the scope of your needs will determine other credentials you might need from the partner.

    Passion is Vital

    Change, they say, is constant, and this also applies to salesforce. It is an evolving field, making it essential to work with a partner updated on the latest practice to help your business. A knowledge of such new practice can be the edge your business needs. Your search for the perfect salesforce partner should not end with someone that has an administration certificate. After all, it takes more than having certification to perform well on the job.

    This comes down to looking for someone passionate about the platform and fits perfectly into your business needs. Such a person might not necessarily have all the certifications you require. Someone passionate about salesforce will constantly interact with the salesforce community. As a result, you should endeavor to know their level of interaction with such a platform.

    Method of Implementation

    One vital thing you should keep in mind when hiring a salesforce consultant is their implementation methodology. The best delivery method so far is Agile-based incremental, as it takes iterations and phases into account. This way, all projects stay on time without exceeding budget.

    Another reason to consider this approach is the possibility of a high level of interaction between the partner and your team, which is what your business wants. As a result, you will want to know the tools your partners employ for flowcharts and prototypes. A partner that cannot give you specifics might not be the best for you.


    While technology has made it possible for people to work without borders, salesforce is not advisable. With Salesforce, you are better off working with someone in the same vicinity as your business. This allows the partner to monitor the project and be readily available for your team.

    Communicating physically many times helps ensure all essential parties are on the same page. It also gets rid of the issue of time zone differences.

    Consider Your Budget

    You also want to make sure you are on the same page regarding pricing to prevent surprises down the line. A salesforce consultant typically charges around $50 per hour, which can amount to hundreds of dollars per year.

    Don’t rush to conclude that this is within your budget. Make sure you are on the same page when you consider ongoing supports, after-sales services, etc. As a result, make sure to understand the price implication of your contract. Also, you need to be aware of any additional charges spelled out in the contract. For instance, you could be billed for onboarding, initial meetings, every visit on-site, etc.

    Consider Ongoing Support

    Even if a salesforce consultant ticks all your boxes, make sure you know their plans when the implementation is completed. In other words, is there any plan for support for your business after the performance?

    You are better off selecting a keen partner on Salesforce updates, which can go a long way to benefit your organization. Your partner might get more significant projects to work on; make sure you know if they do not prioritize others over you.


    Working with a salesforce partner can be a turnaround for your business. However, this is hinged on choosing the right salesforce partner that will be fit for your project. Discussed here are the best ways to select the perfect salesforce partner for your business needs.

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