How To Start A BookTube Channel

    Many book lovers love to share their recommendations for the best things to read, whether through rating sites like Goodreads or on social media like Instagram. YouTube is another popular option for book lovers. If you’re been thinking about starting your own BookTube channel, here are some tips to get you started.

    Invest In Equipment

    You don’t need any fancy, expensive equipment to start a BookTube channel. When you’re starting out, you can use equipment you already have, such as your phone. Film in a well-lit area, and buy a cheap microphone to improve your audio. You can upgrade to better lighting or a better camera later on. 

    Create A Backdrop

    Your bookshelves could make the perfect backdrop, but don’t worry if you can’t make that work. Just choose a backdrop that is clutter and distraction-free. Test a few locations to find somewhere with good audio and consistent lighting. 


    Choose the books you’re going to cover. Many BookTubers concentrate on the books that they are currently reading and share reviews. It can help to choose a niche that fits the books you like to read most, such as reviewing new YA releases, or books for parents to read to their children. As well as reviews, you could also create videos on wider book themes, such as comparing the book to the movie adaption or using to find books that are often overlooked. 

    You don’t need lots of disposable income or to keep buying books all the time. There are some websites that over review copies of books, or you can use your local library to get hold of new releases without spending a lot of money. Kindle also has many classics available for free. 

    New and upcoming books are always popular on BookTube, there is also demand on YouTube for lists of older favourites too. Don’t feel as though you can’t share books that are a few years old. 

    Think About Your Content

    Reviews are a big part of BookTube, but filming a review can be harder than you’d think. You will want to clearly describe the plot, and share your opinions without giving away any spoilers. Get started by writing down a quick summary of the book. Double-check you know how to pronounce the author’s name or any difficult character names. If you do make a mistake, don’t worry. Start your thought again from a point where you can smoothly edit out the mistake. 

    Make sure you know what you can and can’t share in your videos. Reading the book’s summary can be a good way to clearly explain the plot. If you’re going to give away any spoilers, make sure you state that clearly, and tell people when they are and when to skip ahead to in order to avoid them. As well as your books, make sure you understand the rules about any music or images you use on your channels and don’t accidentally fall foul of a copyright strike.

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