Achieving Timeless Style In Your Home

    Interior design trends come and go, yet a small stable of elements always stand the test of time. Vogue Australia highlights concepts as simple as using wood, through to deploying the statement armchair, as style icons that will always look good. Any home is capable of achieving these goals; by judicious use of statement pieces around the home, you can create a real sense of timeless beauty. This starts in the bedroom and the bathroom, where evoking scent can bring an aura to the home.

    Classic perfumes

    Perfumes are there to powerfully evoke an era. Yves Saint Laurent Opium was the luxury of the 70s; Dior Poison a spice-bomb of the 80s. However, timeless perfumes like Chanel No.5 have changed the world, according to the New York Times, and they can change your house to boot. The use of vintage perfume bottles in your bathroom or bedroom can give a certain sense of luxury and classic taste to the home. It harks back to an era where perfumes were powerful focal points, a way to announce yourself to a group or party, and to leave a lasting memory.

    Historical combinations

    What you keep in your kitchen is a reflection of your personality, too, but it can display a timeless quality. Architectural Digest notes how the blue-and-white porcelain that adorns countless kitchens is rooted in 14th-century Chinese design, and there’s a reason it has always looked good. Whether exuberant homes or quiet social boltholes, blue-and-white China can provide a gorgeous quality. Equal forms of China, routed in 17th century Dutch distribution networks, will do the trick, too. Put them on display for full effect.

    Simple upholstery

    Perhaps the most simple trick of all, but one that works magnificently, is upholstery. This provides warmth and livability to your home as well as a classic display of luxury – after all, not every home had upholstered furniture, and relied on rattan, wicker or wooden chairs. Even a cheap sofa, kept in good maintenance, will provide a focal point to your home and a timeless quality that will keep the home looking stylish.

    The vintage look is a timeless one, and achieving that in the home is not difficult. It just requires a little planning and a commitment to the style. The most timeless style tricks are the most simple, and that’s good news for the modern home planner.

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