Control And Reduce Your Pain With These 4 Non-Invasive Pain Relief Solutions

    The cannabis industry is booming with all different types of new products, thanks to the numerous ways CBD and THC can enter the body. Cannabis itself is becoming more legal; however, its marketing efforts are still inconvenient, as leading search engines such as Google continue to take down most websites’ marijuana product advertisements. Even if a manufacturer’s state legalizes advertising for marijuana, the company would still need to find other ways to promote and sell its products online. Yet, hundreds of new cannabis products are on the rise, with some becoming more prominent than others. While we’re not endorsing the use of any of these products, let’s take a look at the different cannabis products you may not have heard of before. 

    Cannabis Drinks

    Drinking weed may be in its infant stages of popularity. However, it is expected to expand rapidly as a trend as more states legalize the use of marijuana. Right now, cocktails that are infused with cannabis are only popular in the few bars that serve this drink in Los Angeles, and in other places where marijuana consumption is decriminalized or totally legalized. There are also a few dispensaries in Colorado, a state that legalized recreational marijuana, that sell cannabis fruit punch and cannabis cola. In addition, many New York coffee shops sell coffee infused with cannabis, a perfect combination if a regular cup of coffee is too strong for your anxiety.

    Out of all those drinks, beer gets the most attention in terms of CBD experimentation. Cannabinoids offer different effects. However, so many new tastes and aromas can be produced from the terpenes in cannabis. This is what makes CBD very good to mix with beer. Yet, the endless possibilities are limited by the federal rulings concerning what is and isn’t considered a Schedule 1 drug. Some breweries and brewers in states with legalized weed, however, have been able to find workarounds for this problem. 

    Cannabis Oil

    Cannabis oils refer to a large category of cannabis products that can be taken in many different forms. While there are certain products that contain CBD or cannabidiol oil, cannabis oil itself can be taken in more than one form. This is why this product in particular gains the most popularity among legal users. CBD oils are known to have very low levels of THC, which is why they don’t give the same high sensation that is usually associated with marijuana. This makes these oils perfect for people looking for anxiety relief, pain relief, or nausea relief without experiencing the psychoactive reactions of THC. 

    Cannabis oil use for Epilepsy is highly supported on a federal level and receives the most consistent approval. However, these oils have also been proven to be useful for the treatment of cancer, pain, depression, anxiety, and sleep problems. Larger companies that produce CBD oils offer many options for their products. For example, you can find E-liquid bottles, which are the most common form of cannabis oils, that are sold to be used in vape pens. There are also CBD tinctures, which are drops made from the extract of concentrated CBD, and are consumed by dropping them under the tongue and absorbing them in the mouth. Cannabis oils also give us CBD capsules that can be swallowed with water, just like any average pill. If you’re legally shopping for cannabis oil and don’t want to deal with a middleman, you can easily buy CBD hemp oil from many dispensaries and consume it by dropping it under your tongue.

    Cannabis Gummies 

    One of the most popular cannabis products in the legal marijuana industry is cannabis gummies or CBD-specific gummies. These products are becoming so prolific that it’s now a regular thing to buy a bag of CBD gummy worms from a local gas station. However, it’s still not easy to accurately find out how much the percentage of CBD is in the gummies you’re buying. This is acceptable in most states with the legal use of marijuana. Some gummies may even contain delta 8 THC or delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is an isomer that is extremely similar to delta 9 THC, the main psychoactive compound that gets you high. The delta-8-THC compound is used commonly in cannabis gummies due to its milder psychoactive effects that are preferred by many cannabis users. Now, the majority of local dispensaries in states with legal recreational marijuana sell cannabis gummies and worms, whether they only contain CBD or percentages of both CBD and THC. All you need is a medical marijuana card and to be of legal age so that you can buy all sorts of cannabis gummies from the nearest dispensary. Gummies are one of the most dominant cannabis products if you’re looking for a treat instead of capsules or oils.

    Cannabis Skincare Products

    The idea of marketing CBD or weed products to suburban women are new to the cannabis industry, however, it seems to be very effective. This is one of the leading reasons why CBD beauty and skincare products are gaining more success every year. In addition to its known benefits, CBD can offer many anti-inflammatory properties that are absorbed by the cannabinoid receptors in our skin. This is why it is claimed by many researchers to reduce acne and promote pain relief. It is also advertised in the skincare and beauty industry as helping with hydration problems in the skin and inducing a nice euphoric feeling. These types of products are becoming more and more popular every day that they are being sold and featured on some of the major makeup and skincare websites, such as Sephora. 

    Both THC and CBD can be used and consumed in so many ways that it’s difficult to not find your favorite form of cannabis product. Whether it’s drops, oils, body lotions, or worms and gummies, this industry is certainly on the rise. However, some products seem to receive more attention than others. While many would think that cannabis beers are the most preferable to cannabis users, gummies tend to be more prominent and receive greater attention from users looking for a sweet treat that’s not as sweet as chocolate.

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