Best Children’s Books to Get Started with Environment and Climate Change

    Climate change is real and devastating. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at the news; Germany and China are experiencing catastrophic floods, wildfires are ravaging forests in Algeria, Australia, and some states in the US, and drought is now so common in Africa. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! We’re bound to experience more environmental and climate changes in the coming years if we don’t address it right now.

    Besides reducing carbon dioxide emissions, we need to teach the younger generation the importance of caring for our planet since they’re earth’s future. Just by providing them with global warming essay examples. You can find many free on all the topics related to the climate change and the environment.

    That said, here we’ve highlighted several children’s books about climate change. These books will inform them about global warming and climates change and empower them to make the world a better place.

    Why Children Should Learn About Global Warming and the Environment

    Yes! The older generation has made lots of poor decisions. That’s why we are here today, but our children still have the chance. They are the future of tomorrow. So, if they don’t learn about how precious our planet is, they won’t have a tomorrow to talk about.

    It’s wise to encourage kids to read new books on climate change, so they can grow up as conscious individuals and inhabitants of the planet. Besides books, they can explore and learn about caring for the environment. These free samples consist of argumentative and persuasive papers that students can use as templates when writing their essays.

    Equipped with essay writing knowledge and comprehension of global warming topics. The children can become the best writers in the field and ace their exams. Now let’s look at the best books on climate change for kids.

    The Best Books on Climate Change for Children

    The Extraordinary Life of Greta Thunberg–Devika Jina & Petra Braun

    No one takes climate change seriously like Greta Thunberg. She’s popular for calling attention to the catastrophic effects of climate change and global warming on our beloved planet. In August 2018, she staged a school strike for climate change in Sweden that ignited a worldwide strike.

    Greta has achieved a lot in her life. Besides addressing the UN Climate Summit, she also advocates for autism, which she considers her superpower. We hope she will achieve a lot more in the future.

    Will Jellyfish Rule the World–Leo Hickman

    In this book, Leo Hickman breaks the causes and effects of climate change on our planet. It talks about the plagues of jellyfish, which usually occur after ten years. But now they’re so common because of climate change. The increased number of jellyfish in the ocean poses a big danger to regular beachgoers. The stings can paralyze you, causing you to drown.

    Will Jellyfish Rule the World, is an easy-to-use handbook with several everyday things we can change to make a difference. As a result, we can save our environment and slow global warming.

    The Lorax–Dr. Seuss

    The Lorax is a popular book that talks about respecting the environment. It’s one of the books often highlighted in most free sample essays on environment  that students refer to when writing their assignments. There’s even a popular animated movie based on the book that children and adults alike can watch. Dr. Seuss makes the book interesting by creatively creating a character that kids can relate to.

    The Lorax is a tree guardian who warns greedy people from over-consuming these precious resources, but no one heeds his warnings. The aftermath is a wasteland, unfit to support life. It’s the best book to teach kids how to take care of the environment and care about environmental sustainability. 

    The Lonely Polar Bear–Khoa Le

    The Lonely Polar Bear is a sweet book that tells a story of a fragile Arctic world on the verge of extension due to global warming. In the book, a young stranded polar bear is on a quest to find his mother in a world ravaged by furious storms. Along his journey, he makes friends with a spirit grill and gains various animal companions. The author introduces kids to the beautiful Arctic will highlighting the effects of climate change.

    Bottom Line

    In conclusion, climate change is a serious issue that needs to be addressed today. Not tomorrow, not in the future, today! These books will provide children a glimpse of the effects of climates changes and global warming without scaring them. Also, it equips families with the knowledge and resources they need to make the earth a better place for future generations.

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