Reignite Your Passion For Photography

    Reports state around 90% of people aren’t happy in their careers. Whatever the reason for lack of career satisfaction — whether it’s poor management, creative blocks, or lack of progression — there’s a resounding opinion that people want a career that means something. Photography is one of those careers. A loss of creative flair, battling for work, and harsh criticism results in a loss of passion for photography – below are a few simple ideas that will turn that around and reignite your love.

    A New Approach

    Rather than taking photos, spend some time creating a website (if you don’t have one already). Photographers websites showcase excellence beautifully, bringing together professionalism and photography into one. Free website templates make it easy to create a website that highlights your work and your unique style.

    There are hundreds of templates to follow; the best ones go above and beyond the standard drop and click menus and stock photos. Draw inspiration from other photographers’ websites and use your creativity to produce a show stopping website.

    An alternative approach brings a new focus. A lack of creative flair can stem from exhausting all ideas. There are only so many times you can take the same photo without running out of ideas on how to make them different. Take some time away to rejuvenate and work on something new – allowing your mind to explore new concepts.

    Why is a website so important? Websites attract clients; they form a house for your personal portfolio and show you’re professional. Clients will want to see examples of your work, and a website is the most professional way of doing so.

    Photography Events

    Thousands of photography events happen year-round. They are a chance to find inspiration, discover trends, and meet like-minded photographers that may want to collaborate. Photography events will usually contain speeches by accredited photographers, freebies, and stands where you can purchase new equipment. Just walking around and taking in all the guidance and invaluable advice may be enough to give you a sense of direction again.

    Interestingly, many photography events allow you to showcase your own work – with the potential of attracting new clients. Much like with marketing events, for example, you can hire a stand for the day and hand out leaflets, examples of your work, and hopefully gain a few clients. Some of these events are free, but a lot will come with a small admission fee – although it is worth it, even if it is for the experience of going.

    Explore and Expand 

    The beauty of photography is you aren’t restricted to one photography niche. Much like other creative careers, such as art and content writing, there is always the possibility of expanding and adapting to a new style. That’s what makes them so great – and is one reason why studies have shown that artists and other creative people typically rate their job satisfaction higher than others. Need inspiration? Here are some of the most popular forms of photography:

    • Landscape
    • Portrait
    • Special events
    • Wildlife
    • Fashion
    • Sports

    The list could go on forever. A lack of a creative flair for one style of photography doesn’t necessarily ring true for all. An easy way of finding a new style is to minimize the pressure and go with the flow. Take your camera everywhere with you and start shooting. Don’t race to find the perfect location, person, or style – walk around and shoot anything you think is worthy. Reducing the amount of pressure you put on yourself to find a new style will allow you to find one to be passionate about in a more natural way.

    Start A Blog or Vlog

    A blog or vlog is great for exploring another outlet that allows your creativity to flow. Separate from a professional website, a blog or a vlog is a safe place for you to discuss relevant topics, showcase your work without it editing, and meet like-minded people that might lead to a new avenue of income. Both are really easy to start. WIX provides free blog templates that structure the blog ready for you to fill it with content.

    Vlogs are easier to set up. Your camera, microphone, and video editing software are all you need. Vlog about new ideas and concepts, any photography trips you take, or something completely irrelevant to photography. Although videography is distinctly different, they’re still from the same creative family, and there’s the potential for it to reignite your passion for photography.

    Whatever your reason for a lack of passion for photography, it is not the be-all and end-all. A change in direction can renew your love once more. Don’t be afraid to take some time away and return with a fresh mindset and new ideas. The beauty of photography is there are many avenues to explore, new people to meet, and adventures to have – making it hard for passion to be absent for long.

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