What to Look for in the Best Apps to Bet On November’s Breeder Cup

    Mobile betting has added an extra edge to the traditional experience of wagering on classic horse racing events like the Breeders’ Cup.

    You can now download an app to help you enjoy the races in style, but what are the key features to look for?

    A Look at the Field and Some Tips

    The Breeders’ Cup will be held at Del Mar racetrack in California, on November 5 and 6. Whether you plan to visit the venue or not, the right app will help you to get in the mood and also to work out which horses to place a wager on.

    In the build-up to the event, each horse wins their place here by winning or finishing in a good place in the qualifying races. You can track the Road to the Breeder’s Cup all the way through or else just look at the final field once they have all qualified.

    You might also like to read some tips on which horses appear to be coming into form at the perfect moment. This is a great way to start to get a feel for which one you want to place a wager on. If you are new to horse racing, it makes sense to get some advice from the experts before you get started.

    Access to the Latest Odds

    If you are planning on placing a bet, you need access to the latest odds to do it well. These odds show you who the favorites are and how much you would win if you made the right choice.

    The figures tend to change pretty slowly in the build-up to the race, and some people prefer to place their wagers early, before the full field is even known. This might give you access to better odds, but you also run the risk of your choice losing form or even getting injured before the day of the race.

    As the time of the race gets closer, the betting activity will tend to pick up. This means that the odds will move more speedily, as a greater number of wagers are placed on the horses. If you have a mobile app like TwinSpires.com with the latest odds on it, you can keep an eye on how things are going and choose the right moment to place your bet.

    Live Coverage and Results

    The Breeders’ Cup covers five races on Friday, with names such as the Juvenile Turf and the Juvenile Fillies. Saturday then sees the $6 million Breeders’ Classic run, together with other top races such as the Turf, Mile, and Sprint. In total, there are nine races planned for Saturday.

    You will want to watch any races that you put money on, but you might also like to see other races or get updates on what is happening. Even if you don’t have time to sit down and watch the races, having mobile access to the latest results will make sure that you know whether you have won or not.

    Of course, if you are able to get to Del Mar racetrack for the event, you can still enjoy the details on the mobile app by combining it with the live horse racing experience. This will let you get the best of both worlds, by watching the races with your own eyes while having access to all of the latest information at the same time.

    The mobile experience has helped to make one of the greatest horse racing events even more exciting than it already was, and should continue to attract new fans to this sport.

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