The Best Leggings For Any Style and Activity

    Versatile leggings are no longer just for working out.  For some time now, they have been considered sufficiently mainstream to be worn like pants. Leggings are different from tights; they are thicker and footless. This is why leggings are the clothing of choice for fitness-related activities and crossover easily into casual settings. Plus, leggings are more comfortable than many other types of exercise clothing because they are constructed from softer fabics. Leggings are the perfect choice for women with sensitive skin seeking an alternative that fits well, is easy to move around in, and looks great.

    In this article, we will look at what qualities make the best leggings for any activity.


    Normally, women wear leggings for high-intensity workouts, advanced yoga, and throughout an active lifestyle.  Skin needs enough air to remain cool and comfortable during these energetic activities.  Good quality leggings are constructed from fabric with built-in wicking ability.  So the fabric absorbs sweat and moisture  from the surface of the skin and pushes it through the material to the outer layer.  This cools the body by keeping skin pores open. When the skin cools after physical activity, the fabric assists in regulating body temperature.  A fairly new trend in leggings is incorporated mesh panels to aid in keeping the body cool.


    This can’t be stressed enough. Comfortable leggings get worn more. Leggings must be comfortable and not itch, tug or require constant adjustments to stay in place or fit properly. This is particularly true if leggings are worn during exercise.  The right fabric provides a soft, comfortable feeling against the skin without irritation.


    Speaking of fabric, leggings made with top-quality material are more durable.  If you intend to wear leggings for high energy activity, don’t skimp on price.  You will only regret it later.  Besides, your leggings will last longer and won’t wear out as quickly, even if used solely for high-intensity workouts. In other words, cheap leggings do not stand the test of time and either rip or split at the seams quicker than top-quality leggings that barely show wear and tear over the same period. Durability may cost a little more but is worth it in the long run when replacement is further into the future.


    Good quality leggings have added features.  These vary depending on the brand, but common extras include a waistband that won’t roll, fold, or dig in or a pocket for bank cards or keys. Because leggings are worn for more than just time spent in the gym or running in the neighborhood, they are available in many different colors. Some leggings, like the ones from Sanctuary Clothing are available in color combinations that encourage coordinating with additional clothing items for working out or casual activities. Leggings are available in many different patterns, including the perennial favorite – camo leggings.


    This is probably one of the most important factors to consider with leggings. The fit is crucial. Not only should it be accurate enough to match a specific body structure, but the fit has to be flattering as well. Good quality leggings stretch over the body and fit like a second skin that conforms to the body shape.  Leggings that are too big will appear baggy or may sag in places; wearing a size too small will stretch and pinch in areas and not fit correctly. There are also different types of fits for leggings. There are slimming designs, butt-lifting designs, and more.


    Another key consideration with leggings is that they do what they are designed to do well.  Leggings designed for active lifestyles should perform without effort.  They should assist in making high-impact workouts, and other exercises, easy to perform with little or no problem.  Good quality leggings should move and stretch with each movement and return to a normal state when the activity is completed. Durability and breathability both contribute to the functionality of good quality leggings, which makes them the perfect choice for a wide variety of activities that jeans or any other type of pant cannot do well.


    One of the best ways to determine quality is with pricing. When something has an extremely low price, it typically has something to do with the quality of the materials from which the product is made.  As mentioned earlier, cheaper materials don’t last as long as better quality ones.  Cheaper materials quickly break down. Good quality leggings are not always high priced;  they just are not extra low-priced either. Competitively priced leggings are of good quality, but the leggings that last longest will be at the higher end of the pricing scale.


    The material used to construct leggings determines comfort and stretch.  Polyester is a common choice,  but when  blended with lycra or elastane, leggings gain superior stretching qualities and comfort. Either of these materials provides a great deal of stretch and elasticity which enhances comfort and the ability to move around easily with these leggings on.


    We’ve mentioned that leggings are versatile. Versatility makes leggings suitable for just about any occasion. They can be worn for hiking, running, biking, working out, relaxing, casual events, and just about any other activity or function where comfortable pants or activewear would be suitable. Because leggings have stretchy material, they are perfect active gear.  Even so, the styling and colors available mean leggings can fit just about any setting from going shopping to going on a date.

    Final Thoughts

    There are many considerations to keep in mind when shopping for leggings. You can’t just pick the first pair available and expect them to last a long time. Plus, if you wear leggings frequently, you will want them to fit right, breathe, be comfortable, do what they are supposed to do, and many other things expected of this type of clothing. Fortunately, leggings come in many different styles, colors, and features to make it easy to find the right leggings for whatever you plan to wear them for.

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