The Best Ways to Display Your Photography at Home

    If photography is a hobby of yours, then this is something that you should show off in your home. Displaying your personal photographs around your living space can be a reminder of good times, and can spur you on to take more pictures in the future. Having a sense of pride in your work isn’t something to shy away from – if you take good pictures, showcase them! Here we will take a look at different ways you can display your favourite pictures throughout your home.

    Canvas Print

    Order a canvas print of your most professional photography shots and dazzle any visitors you might have over. Canvases look classy, are good value for money, and are easy to create online. They are also highly versatile – on Hello Canvas you can edit them to your liking, with various different sizes, materials, and frame options to choose from, so they can fit within your home perfectly.


    If you think your images resemble an album cover or a film advert, then have some fun with them. There are plenty of poster-making options online where you can make edits with your own images, making them look like genuine advertisements. This could also be a unique gift to give to somebody if they have similar interests to you. Have a play around today and see what you can come up with – let your creativity shine!


    If you have endless photos you’ve taken over the years that you’ve never done anything with, why don’t you print a number of them and create a collage? You can group them in themes, whether it be specific years, seasons, events, or places. If you’re unsure how exactly to arrange your pictures, buying a collage frame is always an option, but if you wish to have more freedom with each picture, you can easily assort them and stick them up however you please.

    Hanging Display

    Hanging displays are a more unique way to show off an array of your photos, whilst giving a stylish nod to interior design at the same time. You’ll most likely need to have small to medium prints for hanging displays, as anything too large wouldn’t work. You can make your own photo hanging display with various materials, such as string and pegs, or even fairy lights. Or, alternatively, there are plenty of different options for you to buy hanging kits if that makes it easier for you. Weigh up your different options.

    Photo Album

    A more traditional way to display your photography shots is in a photo album if you want to be more discreet. These days, disposable cameras with printable pictures are a lot less common, so now we have the option to create photo albums online, with our digital pictures. You can really add a personal touch to your imagery in photo albums, with different dimensions, colours, shapes, and the option to add captions. Again, this is also a great idea for a gift to anybody that admires your work.

    If you’re a talented photographer, that is a wonderful thing – don’t be shy when it comes to showing your favourite pictures off! Otherwise, what’s the point in you taking them in the first place?

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