How to Make Sure You Sell Your House Quickly

    Selling a house is among the most stressful activities you will ever engage in. The most difficult thing is that the process will typically take months to start, and you may have to deal with lots of prospective buyers in the process. It is possible to sell a house within a week, but this is not common. The speed of the sale will usually depend on the desirability of the property, the price of the house, and the quality of the location. Still, you can apply certain tips to make sure you sell your house faster. Let’s look at some of these tips.

    Work with a Home Buying Service

    Home buying services like Spring can purchase any house in the UK, regardless of the condition of the property. The benefit of such services is that they can guarantee you that they will purchase the property, meaning there is no risk of last-minute disappointments. The company will make a valuation of your house remotely, so they won’t need to make countless site visits.

    Take Care of First Impressions

    Lots of potential buyers are likely to overlook your home if it doesn’t have a lasting first impression. The most important features of the house are the windows and roof, and these should be in good condition. If they are extremely damaged, you should consider replacing them. Very few people will bother checking out the property if the exterior is unappealing. As part of the first impression, you should also maintain the front garden, trim the hedges, get rid of weeds in the driveway, and paint the walls.

    Renovate Your Kitchen

    Homes with modern kitchens typically sell faster compared to those with traditional cooking spaces. For this reason, you should consider updating your kitchen. These renovations can take less than a month and regularly offers a great return on investment as these changes will lead to an increase in the property value.

    Any job you can do that a prospective buyer won’t have to (i.e. renovating the kitchen or bathroom for example) is a job worth doing.

    Bring the Outside In

    Adding plants and flowers to your living space will make the house feel like a home. This tip is especially effective for spring home sales. The flowers will add colour to your house and can also help you start conversations with prospective buyers of the property.

    Stage the Property

    Staging the property will help the viewers imagine themselves in the space. There are a few things you can do to stage the house, and here are some of them:

    • Clean up the house and arrange everything properly
    • Set the table for a meal, and bring out your classiest cutlery
    • Make the beds with neutral colours, and add some pillows for a cosy feel
    • Place fluffy towels in the bathroom
    • Turn on the lamps in darker parts of the house
    • Keep the room warm during the property visits

    Another thing you can do to stage the property is to put the rooms back to their original purposes. For example, if you had converted one bedroom to a study room, you should remove the table and add a nice bed.


    No one enjoys selling houses, especially since the process can take many months. To sell your house faster, you can consider contacting house buying services like Springmove. If you decide to sell it to final buyers, you should improve the external appearance of the property and renovate the kitchen. Most people will also be quick to make the purchase if the property is properly staged for visits.

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