How To Choose A Gown For The Woman In Your Life

Are you thinking about buying a special dress or gown for a woman in your life? If so, there are a few things you need to pay particular attention to before you hit the buy button. Yes, you need to know her size, but there is more to buying a girl a dress than size.

On this page, we are going to give you a few style tips and general advice when it comes to buying a dress for a special lady in your life. Carry on reading our mini-guide to buying a gown, prom dress or a bridesmaid dress.

Getting The Colour Right

When you are planning to buy a girl a dress, one of the most important points you should pay attention is her favourite colour. Does she like blue, purple or is she your lady in red?

If you are shopping online, sort the dresses by her favourite colour. It should be easy to find the colour she likes the best. Take a look at the rest of the clothes in her wardrobe. You will probably find her favourite colour.

Maybe she has a favourite colour for the day and one for night-time wear? Many ladies have a colour that they prefer to wear when going out in the evening and another favourite colour for day-time wear.

What Is The Occasion?

Of course, you need to consider the occasion as well. If you are going to a dinner or cocktail party, a gown is never going to be the right dress choice. Instead, go for something more sleek and sophisticated.

You don’t want the dress to be too risky. Yes, it is nice when your girl turns heads, but you should never go over the top. If your girl becomes the envy of other women she may just end up having a very “uncomfortable” evening or day out.

Would She Normally Wear That Style?

Most ladies do know what style of dress suits them. Once again, take a look at her wardrobe.

If your girlfriend normally wears dresses that flair out from the waist, it tells you that she is conscious of her hips. The last thing you want to do is to buy her a gown or prom dress that emphasise her hips. Try to stay as close to her normal style of dress as possible.

When your girlfriend wears dresses that flair out from just underneath her bust, it means that she is aware of her tummy. Follow suit and buy her a dress that flairs out in the same way.

What About The Neckline?

The other thing you must consider is the neckline. When it comes to women’s dresses, there are so many different necklines that things easily get confusing. As a general guideline, it is a good idea to go by the size of your girlfriend’s bust.

When she is a well endowed lady with a small waist, the best neckline to go for is a v-neck. Doing so places an emphasis on her waist and distracts slightly away from the fact that she has a large bust.

If she has a smaller bust, an off the shoulder gown or a round neckline prom dress are both great choices.

What About The Length?

When you are going to a prom or a ball, the perfect choice is a long full flowing gown. Remember that she may want to dance. Ideally, the dress you pick should not have a train as this will make it more or less impossible for a lady to dance.

She will worry that someone will step on the train of the dress. Although gowns with slightly extended trains look stunning, unless you are taking the girl somewhere where she is going to “show off” her dress, they are not strictly necessary.

The Final Word On Choosing A Gown

Remember that simply matters. You want your girl to shine not the dress. The dress is there to emphasise her natural beauty. Make sure that you give the dress to her in plenty of time. She needs to have the opportunity to choose the right accessories and shoes to go with her new dress.

Buying a girl a dress for the first time is a nerve wrecking experience. Bear our advice in mind and you can do it. She will love you for it and probably expect you to do it again.

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