Crewnecks vs V-necks: Which One Is Better?

    Crewnecks and V-necks are the most popular t-shirt styles out there. Summer or winter, they’re great to be worn on their own or as a layering piece for some amazing cold-season outfits.

    Most guys have at least a few tees in different colours in their closets and couldn’t imagine their lives without them, but just the same many of them don’t put much thought into the differences between the two styles.

    Which one’s are trendier, and which occasion calls for which style?

    So let’s take a look at these two styles and investigate crewnecks vs. V-necks: which one is better?

    Crewneck t-shirt

    Let’s start with the original tee – the crewneck. It started its history in the 19th century and has become one of the most beloved pieces of male clothing among all generations.

    Crewnecks have a round neckline close to the neck, which helps balance out the proportions for guys with long necks and slimmer faces. They’re also great for guys with narrow shoulders because they may help your shoulders appear more square.

    Crewnecks are also the most popular neckline for all workout and performance shirts. Visit to find some good affordable options.

    How to wear crewnecks

    Crewnecks look great on their own with jeans, chinos, cargo trousers and shorts, but they also work well for layering under crewneck sweaters, hoodies, jumpers and your everyday blazers.

    Don’t layer a crewneck under a V-neck sweater or certain cardigans and button-down shirts if you want to sport the laid-back “first button unbuttoned” look because the tee neck will show!

    Crewneck tees are most beloved for casual or semi-casual styles, and only the exceptionally high-quality tees can be worn with a suit or a sports coat.

    Crewnecks are also great if you prefer the classic traditional style, but if you want to look more modern, find some exciting accessories like bracelets or necklaces to spice things up.

    Lastly, if you like street or sporty style, we think crewnecks are the best way to go paired with your joggers and sneakers!

    V-neck t-shirt

    V-necks are the younger brother of crewnecks, and they were first invented after complaints about peeking undershirt collars became more common. Later, men started to wear them on their own, and their peak popularity was reached in the early 2000s.

    V-neck neckline has a V cut going down from the collar bone. The cut can be shallow or deeper, depending on your preference.

    V-necks are a great option if you want to look casual but just a tad classier and put-together.

    How to wear V-necks

    V-necks are perfect for shorter or a little chunkier guys as they create an elongated and slimming effect.

    V-necks are great on their own on a hot summer’s day or for layering under button-down shirts (no collar peeking), cardigans, V-neck sweaters and blazers.

    V-neck is an excellent choice if you want to show off your gains at the gym as it draws attention to your chest, so pair it with simple jeans or chinos, and you have yourself a nice outfit without too much effort.

    While V cut lengths vary, don’t go for a too-deep one as it will look douchy and tacky. What about chest hair? It’s a question of personal taste, but we’re leaning towards less or well-trimmed hair.

    Lastly, if you’re planning to wear a V-neck with a semi-casual outfit, make sure your tee is high-quality and has just a proper V cut.

    So which one is better?

    As you may have concluded yourself, there is no clear-cut answer because the best choice depends on your build, style and outfit you’re wearing.

    So our advice is to decide what works best for you and stick to it despite what others might say!

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