How Technology Has Changed Your Life

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re already aware of how technology has shifted the world sideways. You know already that technology has changed your life, but do you really know how? Not only has technology changed the way that we learn, it’s changed the way that we fix illnesses, travel, relax – even eat! Every single second we’re alive, technology is changing the way we do everything. And mostly, technology is changing our lives for the better. 

    The inventions and development of technology has changed the way that we do everything both negatively and positively, but it’s nice to focus on the positive things that you can now do because of the technology that has been developed. We’re able to be curious, creative, and solve problems. If we’re not improving, we’re not getting anywhere, and those expert minds in technology agree because here they are, continuing to make positive changes to our lives. Wherever you look, from the water to the mobile technology you carry around in your pocket, you are involved in technology. So, with this in mind, here are some of the most popular ways that technology has changed your life. 


    You might not have noticed this until the pandemic happened, but technology has transformed education. We’re learning remotely from preschool years to online university, and we’re doing it from all and any device. We can go on computer desktops, tablets and mobile phones and learn anything. With the development of apps like Duolingo and with solid mobile phone plans, you can learn pretty much anything. This wouldn’t have been possible without technology.


    Looking to travel the world? You don’t have to be away from the people who love you the most. In fact, you’re going to be closer to them than ever because of apps that allow video chatting and FaceTime. If you don’t want to FaceTime, you can text, voice message, use picture sharing apps and location sharing, too. You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a wi-fi connection, and you don’t have to send things by post when there are secure digital documentation options nowadays. It’s all about communication and connection, and technology is helping us to do that. Even if you don’t like e-communication, you can still use your phone or tablet to book a flight or train to anywhere at the touch of a button. 

    New habits

    When was the last time you woke up in the morning and didn’t instantly check your phone? Most of us are guilty of it and it’s because our phones have become the new newspaper. Instead of sitting at the table and reading the broadsheets, you’re sitting at the table or in your bed with your phone, one-thumb scrolling on social media. It’s not the best habit to have, but it’s one that you might have picked up as a result of indulging in a new phone.

    Instant shopping

    There was once a time you would have to plan an entire trip to get the things that you need when you are heading out of the house shopping. Now? Now you can log onto most retail websites at any time of day or night and boom – you have shopping options. You can take yourself to any site at any point so that you can shop how you need to. This has become one of the best things ever for those who are on night shift and working unsociable hours, because they are then able to get what they need without having to wait for a physical store to open.


    One of the biggest transformations that technology has caused is the transformation in our health. From the way that we can log into apps to book health appointments, to the actual technological developments that have arrived in the healthcare sphere. Think hearing aids, which are technology in miniature. Think Da Vinci surgical robots that are revolutionising the way that doctors do their jobs. Technology has increased our quality of life, and yet it’s our health that benefits. You can wear technology today, which means that you can count your heart rate, your steps and more just with a watch on your wrist. That’s technology that wasn’t available before! 

    Brain training

    We talked about education, but puzzles and games on tablets and mobile phones are some of the best things that you can indulge in in your spare time. You can practice your critical thinking and problem solving skills and you can really invest some time in training your brain and your memory to be stronger and feel better. You’re going to be able to make sure that your memory is as intact as possible, and this is going to make you feel nothing short of good! It’s going to help you with your health, too, and you can train your brain on pretty much any device. You can even use virtual reality headsets to get involved in games that help your brain to develop, and that’s exciting!


    Technology has changed business in ways that make the business arena of 50 years ago pretty unrecognisable. We get the latest information in an instant – whether it’s a business SMS text message or we’re handling our company’s finances online. We use the cloud systems to ensure that we are keeping our documentation safe, and we’re doing a good job of running systems that keep information secure. There are now more sources of passive income because of technology, and people are able to work remotely and collaboratively from any corner of the world. Marketing and other processes are now automated, and we’ve got worker robots and hybrid cars. We’re literally living in an episode of the Jetson’s (and if you’re too young to know what that was, here you go!). There are more self-service options, more money making options and more time spent growing business with the best online tools and it’s all because of technology. 


    We just mentioned this one but it really does need another mention. The cloud has revolutionised the way that we do everything. We use the cloud to store everything online, from keychain passwords to financial information, and it’s become something everyone online relies on even when they don’t realise it. If you are saving passwords, photos, videos, apps, backing up your phone or tablet – you’re using the cloud. If you’re using wi-fi in public, you’re using the cloud. If you’re in business and saving all of your information to the digital space, that’s the cloud. Google Drive and OneDrive are life changing for students and when it comes to collaborative learning, the cloud space is doing its job. You can earn more money with less effort and that’s exciting!

    Social media

    There are very few people who – nowadays – can say that they don’t use social media in some way. We are all online and present and we use it to share every aspect of our lives today. Social media has its downsides, of course, but with anything the poison is in the portion. It’s not going to be good for anyone to be on social media for hours at a time, so make a point of limiting your social media use. The point here is that you can use social media to better connect, share your day, your life – even your travels. You can use social media to network beyond your current friends and family circle, too, as you can use it to contact new working contacts and even build a business. If you are running a business then obviously it consumes a lot of time. For example, if you are running a business on Instagram then you need to manage a lot of things to keep customers attentive to your business. Sometimes even it gets difficult to get the traffic so business owners search for sources to buy Instagram followers. Surely a business requires you to do many things and it’s normal to stay online for long hours. None of this would be possible today without technology. Still social media users may try to avoid using the internet too much.

    Better productivity

    If there is one thing that you can say is positive about technology, it’s that you can become more positive and productive as a result. You can use the help of technology to enable you to complete tasks that need to be completed, and you will find that you are better at your job with it, too! You will be upgraded in the way that you do things, streamlining processes and making a job that takes hours something that takes half the time because you got the help of technology on your side. If you are running a business, your processes and employees are all going to be able to work better and smarter, not just longer!

    The influence

    Everything that you do today is fed by technology, from the washing machine you use to clean your clothes to the phone that you use to stay in touch. You want to be able to reach out to others, which means that you need technology on your side to make it so. There are so many positive influences when it comes to technology that the one thing that we really need to know is whether the negatives can be overcome or not. You can find inspiration, desire and even a future when you identify the technology that you want to use. 

    Technology is important for all walks of life and types of people. Without it, you are going to be severely behind the rest of the world, and that’s how you know it’s time to check whether you are taking advantage of it!

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