Photographer In You: What To Look For In A Camera Rental

    It comes as no surprise that a lot of today’s cameras and photography gear cost way too much. It can be challenging to purchase such equipment, especially if you are on a budget. For some people, buying is way out of the window. But you do not have to despair with that thought. Why not save money until you have enough to purchase what you want? But in the meantime, there is another option that answers your camera needs. Let’s say you have a client who invites you to a gig, and they wish that you take care of the photoshoot. But you have no camera at the moment. So, what do you do? You look for a camera rental service that fits your client’s schedule and budget.

    Looking for such a service is a walk in the park. However, it might not be the same once you rent. Let’s take a look.

    Renting a camera will save you a lot of cash. It beats purchasing an expensive one that might not see day-to-day action. In addition, renting a camera allows you to play around with your creativity – as no two cameras shoot the same. You will also have to consider several factors as you look for gear to rent. 

    The first thing you have to do is plan how things will go. It does not matter if you borrow gear from a physical store or an online one. It pays off a lot to plan and prepare. If you are working with a client, ask their overall specifications and budget as well. You will also consider the shooting schedule. Will your camera arrive before the shoot? Another note to keep in mind is the camera itself. Will it be up to the client’s needs? Is it something you can handle? Or perhaps it might be too complicated to use? It is a must that you answer these questions before getting into rental negotiations.

    Once you settle all of that, it is time to look for a rental service. Where will you get the gear? Will you pay a visit to a local photography store? Or will you take things online?

    When Visiting A Local Store

    You do not have to do much when you go out to a local photography store. The only thing you have to do is ask for any cameras and gear that are available for rent. Take note that several outlets might only have older models up for rental. So you better let your client know about it. See if they have no issues with having such equipment for the project. Make sure that you have what it takes to use the model as well. 

    After all, it is you who will deal with the photos, not the client. Once you secure what units are available, it is time to check the prices. Are the shop’s rental prices reasonable? Do they sound ideal for models that are a couple of years old? Will your client handle the rental fee? Better jot all of these questions down! The best part is that you can enjoy some time trying out the numerous cameras the shop has to offer. This concept lets you check for a fully-functioning device. Pick one that is easy to use and is on par with your photography skills and knowledge.

    In addition, see to it that the outlet is easy to access. It can be a pain to travel for an hour or two to the rental store only to find out they are out of available items. This aspect will save you a great deal of time. It also allows you to prepare for the shoot even more.

    For An Online Rental Service

    Most online camera rental service platforms make the process way lighter and hassle-free. After negotiations and payment, the company will ship the gear directly to your doorstep. Of course, they will include a return label. Online rentals also have competitive prices and components that will make clients go wow. Not only that, but these sites will also include rental deals and tons of other discounts. What more can you ask? If you get lucky, a website will offer top-notch customer service. They will make sure you are complete and ready for the job. That means you have everything in your arsenal, including additional batteries, lens, lighting, and so on.

    Not only that, but you have to immediately report any flaws or damages a camera might have. So you have to check for any before you start using it. Doing so will allow the company to send an immediate replacement so that your gig will run without any issues.

     The only drawback with online rentals is that you have no chance to try or test the gear before it gets to you. Better have an idea on how you can utilize a camera as you take it for rent. It might get awkward once you receive an item that you have no idea how to use at all.

    The best part about online rentals is that there are thousands of websites, such as Expressway Cinema Rentals, that are all up for your perusal. It is not that difficult to look for one, and most of them offer around-the-clock service. 

    After the photography session comes the returning process. By this time, your client has received your final output. You have the project payment in your wallet, and the only thing left to do is to return the gear to a company or outlet. You can bring back the item to its physical store before or during the return period. Or you can also ship the equipment back using the return label. Make sure you include all the components that come with the camera, such as lighting equipment, lens, stands, and so on. 

    You might have to pay extra for shipping once you find out that you forgot to pack the heavy-duty tripod that came in with the camera. That also means you should also bring back the items in good condition. You cannot return a camera that has any damages or issues while on the job or not. The same goes for any parts and components that you might have used. That will also cost you extra. It might even land you a negative reputation for the rental company.

    It will save you a neat amount of time and money to rent a camera instead. It allows you to save cash so you can get your hands on one that will become your property entirely. Photo projects are a dime a dozen. You do not have to utilize a camera every day unless your job dictates you to do so. So it will be best to consider a rental first.

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