The Best Movies for Students Not About Studying

    Every stage of life is full of self-education, especially when you are a student. While you are busy with ordinary assignments like to write my thesis or write a book review, this is a time that forms your personality and leads you to the person you want to be. That’s why wasting a day of your youth is unacceptable. Vise versa, you should spend time nice and profitably to be able to open new edges and prospects in the future.

    Movies that change lives

    Let’s talk about movies. This is a fantastic tool to become a more open-minded, experienced, and motivated person. You can relate the stories with characters and understand things you have never thought about. Besides, it doesn’t mean you need to watch movies only about students and their campus lives. Frankly speaking, any impressive movie can bring essential and game-changing ideas for you.

    For instance, you may watch a movie about particularities of human conscience and accidentally collect perfect arguments for your coursework. It’s not a surprise that enjoying a documentary about the Earth you may find a fantastic and unique topic for your dissertation. And there are many similar examples of how watching a good movie may give you inspiration for how to write review or do a presentation.

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    Anyway, great movies are perfect sources for inspiration, new ideas, and motivation. Here are 5 awesome examples you may both enjoy and use as a practical tool to improve your self-education.

    Human (2015)

    This is a unique documentary film that consists of first-person stories. It covers the essential question of how to be a human. At the moment the documentary is available on YouTube in 6 languages (English, Russian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish).

    Watching this movie you can enjoy fantastic landscapes from an aerial view. Be sure it will take your breath away and help to start an essay with a fresh idea.

    Waking Life (2001)

    If you are looking for something very unusual then “Waking Life” is definitely what you need. This is an experimental animated movie that is concerned with numerous philosophical statements. It reveals issues about the meaning of life, the origin of reality, and other existential topics.

    The plot starts with a young man living his life and meeting different people. All characters in the story discuss a variety of philosophical topics. Lucid dreams are a very important element in this film that helps to highlight the nature of human beings.

    I Am (2010)

    This is a documentary film that states many essential questions and tries to help viewers find true answers. The main issue of the story asks us: what is wrong with our world? This movie contains numerous interviews with philosophers, religious leaders, scientists, etc. They try to answer what we can do with all the stuff around.

    If you struggle with your homework and keep repeating “I can’t write my essay” this story may give you food for reflection. Just give it a try!

    Spirit Channelers in America (2008)

    This documentary is based on 10 years of research in the phenomenon of spirit channeling. It explains the practice of making physical contact with another person’s spirit. Such a condition usually requires an individual to experience trance to be able to make spiritual connections.

    The movie is focused on 6 channelers, their spirits, and messages both sides exchange. Yes, these stories are called controversial and provoking but be sure the film is worth seeing.

    Happy (2011)

    After watching this movie you may conquer anxiety and write essays non-stop. That’s because it is called “Happy” and reveals happiness in all its meanings.

    This movie is focused on interviewing different people from 14 countries. All of them share their stories using positive philosophy. Be ready to experience 1 hour and 13 minutes of happiness! The approach the producer used to share the story is truly inspiring.

    Please, feel free to enjoy these movies. While watching high-quality videos with valuable content, you can help yourself to brainstorm and find unexpected solutions for different academic challenges.

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