How to throw an awesome party this year in your restaurant

    So this year you have planned to host a party in your restaurant. If you are already panicking with the thought of all planning and making arrangements and deciding to quit. Do not just scream as yet; here, we have listed all the party hacks you need to know for sailing through all the hassles of planning an awesome and rocking party in your restaurant.

    Launch early

    Instead of starting at the last moment, play smart and start early. Make a rough plan of different things you want to include in the party. Planning will give you ample time to avoid any last moment hindrances and make all the necessary bookings on time. Make a list of food you would be providing your guest, band or celebrity you want to bring in and other essential party entertainment. This will work as a party itinerary.

    Make use of social media.

    Instead of calling everyone and inviting them, post your party invites on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Keep posting all the updates, when the party will start, location, entry charges, party packages you are offering and other important details.

    Everyone should be updated about your party, offer tickets at a minimal price, free or some discounts. You can even request various social media influencers to post about your party in exchange for free tickets, start hashtags contests and other interesting ways of spreading the word about your party.

    Create a party event page for your restaurant party so that other people can share it.

    Choose some theme

    Choose a theme that can help set the tone of the party. Choosing pieces will give you a better idea about decor, food and lighting to make the ambiance of your party special. This will make your party even more interesting and enjoyable. Add selfie points or decorated backdrop to have Instagram-worthy pictures to share. 

    Plan an exclusive menu for the party

    Plan something exclusive at the party, the food you usually don’t serve regularly. Add some quick munchies and easy-to-eat food items such as pizza or burgers.


    Since you are planning a casual affair, you need to schedule an entertainment that keeps people hooked to the party. Music is a soul for any party; that is why not just food, focus on providing your guest with good music. 

    Hire a live bands that can customize music according to your party and entertain your guests. 

    Use technology

    Parties can get crowded, and you don’t want your guest to wait in a queue to place orders for drinks and food. It’s better to handle everything digitally and use applications to make it easy for guests to order. This will also reduce your waiter’s stress to run around attending to each table and guest instead; all they have to do is deliver their food and drink orders to their tables.

    Plan something special for the party

    Apart from food and entertainment, plan something in-between the party to make it more interesting. For instance, you can plan lucky draws, a performance by a celebrity or a stand-up comedy for your guest. Do not forget to hire a photographer to capture all moments of the party. 

    Giving your guest a souvenir or something to remember by the end of the party would leave your guest surprised and happy. Do not forget to ask for feedback from your guest after 2-3 days. This will give you an idea of how the party went and what elements you should focus on next time you plan a party.


    These tips will help you in planning a party with ease in your restaurant. Food and entertainment are the essences of any party. Focus on keeping things simple, easy and relaxing for your guests. 

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