How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Playlist

    When it comes to planning your perfect wedding, there are so many different elements to bring together in order to make your dreams come true on the day. We have to think about the food, the venue, the weather, guests and a whole lot more… and one of the biggest things to consider is the entertainment. 

    Trying to choose the ideal entertainment for any wedding is hard, and this can be made even more difficult if you have a theme. Today we are taking a look at music specifically and how you can choose this to fit in with your day.

    Decide on genre

    When choosing the music for your wedding it is first important to consider the types of tunes you want to listen to. Everyone has unique music tastes, and whether you like pop music made by people like Freddy Wexler or you prefer obscure Indie bands – this will make an impact on the atmosphere of your dancefloor on the day. Consider sticking to a genre and this will make it easier for you to find a band or a DJ who will be able to provide songs you both live as a couple. 

    Live or recorded? 

    The first major question you will want to ask yourself before you choose the music for your big day is whether you will have live music or music on a disc. This will determine whether you look to hire a band or whether instead you decide to hire a DJ who will play classic hits. This is all down to personal taste and it depends on the kind of day you want for yourself and your guests. 

    Do you have a theme?

    If you have a theme for your wedding day, choosing music will be a little more tricky because you will want to ensure that all of the music you choose fits in with your day. For example if you were to have a Harry Potter style wedding with a great hall filled with floating candles; you would want to use music from the films and music which has a connection to magic such as Genie in A Bottle and so forth. Or perhaps your theme brings in classic 70s and 80s decor, and in this regard choosing your music will be pretty easy and this will be a crowd pleaser for most of your guests as well. 


    One of the biggest things you have to consider if you want to hire music for your wedding is the budget you have. If you have a lot of money to spare then you can choose a band or a DJ with not issues at all. However if you are on a tight budget you might even want to bring a laptop and some speakers from home and use these to power up your music for the night ahead. It might be a little bit less magical, but at least you have full control over what songs to play! 


    The type of music you choose to have in your venue will also depend on how much space there is inside the room. If there is no space at all then this can be hard for you if you want to have a band playing, but a DJ or laptop can be great for a smaller space. Consider the ambience of your venue and also think about your guests and whether you have older folk who are hard of hearing, or people who have sensitivity to sound. Although it is your wedding day, making sure that everyone is as comfortable as they can be is a great idea and will ensure people are happy and have the best possible time. 


    Rock, pop, classic… There are so many different styles of music you can choose for your wedding day and it will be a case of you going through to check which styles will be the best fit for your special day. You will also want to think about everyone else coming to the wedding and make sure that the music you choose will fit in with them and help them to enjoy themselves. 

    Choosing the perfect type of music for you wedding day can indeed be a challenge, and we hope that our list of tips and tricks will help you to narrow down your options and make the best decision for yourselves and for your guests this year. Enjoy your wedding and have a wonderful time together in 2022.

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