A Guide To Buying Authentic Vintage Chanel Handbags

    The popularity of vintage Chanel handbags has greatly increased in recent years. Whether You’re looking for a Chanel WOC, Chanel Fanny Packs, or a Chanel Classic Flap bag, the attention towards these vintage bags is still strong. Even with the presence of new designs every year, these bags remain popular, which shows that vintage Chanel handbags are classics, and will always be in style. It’s obvious why many people want to own them, but there are also those who end up buying fakes instead out of ignorance or because they simply don’t know how to spot them. There are some buyers who can’t afford to purchase authentic pieces so they settle for fakes thinking they’re good replicas; while some believe that if it’s sold on eBay then it must be real; others buy without doing any research because an “expert” assured them that the bag is original. However, if these people were aware of how to spot a fake they wouldn’t have been duped.

    What is considered a vintage Chanel bag?

    Vintage Chanel handbags are those which were made and sold at least 10 years ago. However, there are some fakes that try to look like newer models so if you’re buying online make sure the item is no less than 20 years old. Vintage bags should come with a serial number and a vintage authenticity card (white or light pink) with the words “est. patent” printed on it. The inside lining should also have “Chanel Made in France” stamped on it – but only if the bag was manufactured before 1997 because after this year all Chanel bags had their interiors stamped with just “Made in Italy.” Likewise, vintage Channels should not have any markings of an ADN model number on the hardware nor should they have a serial number that begins with the letter “A.” Lastly, there’s also no Chanel logo on the handle.

    What are considered vintage Chanel fakes?

    The best way to protect yourself from getting duped is to know what fake vintage Chanel bags should look like even if they are bulk bags. There are some fakes that so closely resemble the real ones that even experts can hardly tell them apart, which is why it’s important to be well-informed before deciding whether to purchase an old bag. Authentic vintage Channels may cost you a pretty penny but at least your money will be worth it since you won’t end up buying a replica that costs about 5% of the original price.

    What are the most obvious signs of faux Chanel?

    There are various ways how to identify fake Chanel handbags; here are just some of them:

    1. Serial Number:

    Authentic vintage Chanel bags have a serial number located inside the bag. The last two digits of this code should match the year of manufacture. For example, if it was made in 1980, the last two digits would be “80.” In addition, they never start with the letter “A,” which means all numbers from 1 to 9 are used before any letters appear.

    2. Stampings:

    If you see an old Chanel bag that’s been stamped on the outside and says something like “Made in Italy,” then you know for sure you’re holding a replica in your hands. Since 1997 Chanel has been using this type of stamping – sometimes accompanied by a barcode under it or not – but only on non-vintage items.

    3. Damaged Hardware:

    Another big giveaway of fake Chanel handbags is damaged hardware, which includes loose or bent lockets and keys with broken chains. Authentic vintage Channels do not have these flaws because they were made to last a long time. At some point, you might need to get your locks replaced but this won’t damage the bag’s appearance; it will still look like new – even more so if you bring it to an official Chanel boutique for repairs.

    4. Authenticity Card:

    The authenticity card is attached to the vintage bag inside by two little metal tabs which are often broken on fakes. Also, there’s no Chanel logo printed on it so if you see one then chances are you’re looking at a replica.

    5. CC Logo Clasp:

    One of the easiest ways to spot fakes is if they do not have the logo on the lock. Authentic vintage Chanel bags always have this logo, however, there are some replicas that try to trick people by using another color besides silver for the CC clasps. Some even use gold ones but since it’s only one tiny detail you won’t really get fooled by this if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

    6. Zipper Pulls:

    The zipper pulls of authentic vintage Chanel are flat while their replicas’ are round or curved at both ends. Original zippers also do not have any loose pieces hanging from them nor should they be set too tightly into their casing.

    How can I avoid getting duped?

    If you’re buying online make sure the seller has a good track record, check for positive reviews, and always make sure to pay with PayPal. Also, check all the photos of the item you want to purchase – if they’re blurry or low resolution they may be hiding something. Finally, ask yourself whether you can afford to lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars should the bag turn out to be fake; if your answer is no then don’t buy it.

    Vintage Chanel pricing:

    The older the Chanel item, the more expensive it’s going to be. However, the price also depends on where you’re buying it and if it’s authentic or not. Replicas are everywhere so try to ask yourself what you’re prepared to pay for a vintage piece before making any decisions.


    If you’re a vintage handbag collector then knowing which is the most valuable Chanel bag to collect can help you achieve your goals. Since prices are expected to keep rising it’s best to acquire rare pieces now before they become too expensive.

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