5 Ways to Match Fashion and Culture

    Dress is a vital component of our daily lives. Clothing trends tend to differ from place to place, as every culture has a unique style attributed to it which is where fashion comes into play. These clothes are worn to reflect the beliefs, customs, values, and art of groups of people used to express themselves through the garments and accessories they decide to wear. Culture and fashion go hand-in-hand and are two sides of the same coin. Without even saying, culture and fashion can help you learn about the future of consumerism.

    Culture is at the core of the fashion industry. Manufacturers design clothes that are woven into our history and heritage as well as match with the times. Fashion trends may come and go, however, fashion pieces made with culture at hand are always classics. For example, sarees, which are easily India’s most loved attire used to be worn without any undergarments such as a blouse or petticoat underneath them. Today’s woman wears the Saree, not with the regular t-shirt bra, but with a La Greca silk bralette by the Italian brand Versace which has become popular amongst fashionistas. 

    Wearing fashion related to your culture can be a daunting task. You may look too authentic which wouldn’t make you stand out from the crowd or it may read disingenuity making you look as if you are trying too hard to make a statement. Below are some tips to helps one to interpret fashion trends and adopt the clothing style that suits their values and heritage;

    Think of it as a fusion, not a costume

    When culture meets fashion, a blend of two distinct styles takes place. When picking up these two elements, it’s important to make sure that no one style overshadows the other. The key to successful fusion is to fit the cultural pieces effortlessly and not in a way to steal the show.

    A subtle accessory is key

    Accessories not unless they are truly stunning pieces should be worn in moderation. Put an outfit first then accessorize to elevate the outfit. Find accessories that will reflect the culture in some way be it jewelry, scarfs, hairpins name it. Unless you are attending a cultural event, there is rarely an excuse to deck out in full Cultural regalia.

    Keep it simple

    Fashion is versatile and everyone will have their version of what embellishes style. Believe it or not, a ton of options isn’t the way to go. Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.

    Fit in Everything

    A woman will look put together in anything their wear as long as they fit properly. Taking time to pay attention to fit is a surefire way to add polish and confidence to the entire look. Seams of blouses should hit the shoulders and skirts zip up neatly. They may seem like tiny things but they do make a difference. Clothes that don’t fit can impact the first impression.

    Tailor your specifications

    There is always a way of incorporating culture into any item of clothing. A simple way to feel this is using cultural patterns, textures, and color to make different fashion pieces to make it eye-catching while remaining classy.

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