Little Tips for Living with a Major Sports Fan

    Sports are near and dear to the hearts of people all around the world. Whether their favorite sport is basketball, football, hockey, or some other activity, the status of ‘fan’ is one that is shared by many. Perhaps you know this better than anyone and actually have a roommate or partner that you live with who is a major sports aficionado. When sharing a roof with a sports fan, there are many ways you can support their devotion or even take part yourself. For example, if the fan in question enjoys betting ahead of the big game, you might like to join in and utilize discounts and deals targeted to new users in order to place a wager on the team you think will come out on top. In addition to this, we’ve outlined a few other ideas below. Don’t miss out on the great connection you could share over sports with your roomie!

    Surprise Your Fan with Gifts

    What roommate doesn’t like to receive special gifts from their co-habitant? Just a little something to drop in their room or on their desk that says, ‘I’m thinking about you’ can really make their day. If you’re dealing with a sports fan, there are a few tried and true presents that never fail. To start, a brand-new athletic jersey that features the number of their favorite player is sure to be well-loved. You could also get them a customized BBQ set that they can use to grill on with friends and family at game day watch parties (more on that later). If they’re a reader, you might like to purchase a sports coffee table book that highlights a player or franchise they love. Finally, you can’t go wrong with some sports-themed décor for their room or your shared living space. Tickets to a live game aren’t too shabby of a gift, either. Keep these ideas in mind for a birthday, anniversary, or casual surprise token of affection.

    Help Organize Watch Parties

    If you’re sharing a house with a sports fan, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve witnessed at least a few watch party extravaganzas in your time living together. Sports fans love to gather with others, share yummy finger food, and cheer on their team from the comfort of the living room sofa. The next time your roomie or partner says they are going to host a watch party, why not help them plan the event? Ask them what they need from the grocery store, pick up some themed decorations or help curate the guest list – your help will be more than appreciated! It really does take all hands on deck to throw the perfect gameday bash.

    Give Them Space to Enjoy the Sport They Love

    Living with a sports fan does require you to be patient and flexible. After all, sometimes it can be hard to catch some ZZZ’s when you have an enthusiastic fan roaring at the television screen in the other room. Or maybe there are times when you’re trying to have a conversation with your roomie, but they are too concentrated on the game at hand to fully give you their full attention. The best advice in situations like these is to give your fan the space they need to enjoy the sport they love without feeling hindered. And if you really don’t like sports at all, pick up a hobby to enjoy while your loved one watches the game so that you won’t be bored. For example, crocheting, reading or blogging are things you can do on your own while sharing a space together on the couch in front of the TV. Try not to get jealous or frustrated that your partner or roommate is so dedicated to the game. After all, it’s a hobby they love and if it makes them happy – that is what’s important!

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