Travel bags trends for 2022

    With travel restrictions finally easing up again, many of us are now looking forward to a long awaited holiday or short break abroad. Since it may have been a while since you last packed your bag or suitcase, this article offers some tips on how to choose a practical bag that meets your travel needs, looks stylish and keeps your possessions safe en route. Trends for 2022 are all about sustainability and eco-friendliness. Check out this wonderful selection of pre owned luxury travel bags at The Vintage Bar to travel in style at a bargain price while being kinder to the planet.

    Size matters

    First of all check the latest luggage restrictions for your transport. Airline companies are notorious for regularly changing luggage regulations so don’t get caught out! The last suitcase or bag you used might not fit airline restrictions this year so look for a suitcase with the right dimensions. The last thing you need is to pay extra at check-in or hold up the queue by rummaging through your bags to remove heavier, bulkier items. Having the right size of bag can help you avoid all those last minute travel hassles and start your trip on the right note.


    Suitcases on wheels still tend to be the most popular option for long and short haul travel. If you’re a frequent flyer, invest in a good quality, durable suitcase. Most big brands now offer cases made from recycled plastics, nylons and organic cottons. There’s a growing trend for vegan leather bags made from mushroom leather and cork alternatives.

    Tips for choosing the right suitcase

    For peace of mind and an easy experience, pay attention to the features below:

    • Security locks: TSA locks are globally approved security locks which will keep your possessions safe and secure. This is important when travelling with laptops and expensive devices.
    • Hard case or soft case? 

    Cases with hard shells are popular and will keep your stuff intact. The range of colours and patterns make them a super snazzy option. They are often waterproof and easy to clean.

    Soft suitcases are easier to pack, especially if you want to squeeze in a few more items. They can be handier to store in overhead lockers. Duffel bags on wheels with straps to carry them on your back over difficult terrain are ideal for adventure travellers.

    • Wheels that spin at 360 degrees are easiest to manoeuvre. Consider where you’ll be walking. If you need to walk on cobbled streets or trails, you will need super sturdy, or possibly detachable wheels.
    • Compartments and dividers are very handy especially if you need to remove toiletries from carry-on luggage to clear security. They also keep your luggage organised.

    Weight: Less is more here. Opt for a lightweight case so you can bring as much stuff as possible on your trip.

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