How Casino Movies Influence Gambling Culture

    If you’ve watched a movie that features gambling, it may have changed your mind on the industry. Even if you didn’t get the impulse to visit an Irish casino, these scenes impact most of us. In this article, we explore how casino movies influence gambling culture. 

    Gamblers in Movies Are Usually Charismatic

    Looking at some popular gambling related movies, the main character is the one playing the tables or slots. They are often very likeable, full of charisma and the centre of attention, drawing a crowd wherever they go. This is portrayed in various ways, which can include:

    •       The Clothes They Wear – Typically, the lead role will be wearing an expensive suit when playing the tables. This can be accompanied by a luxurious watch, or jewellery. Furthermore, there is often an extravagant car waiting for them outside.
    •       Who They Interact With – The main character, which is usually a male, tends to form rivalries at the table. He will then go on to beat them and win a large amount of money. At the end of the night, they will then head home with an attractive female companion.
    •       Various Personality Traits – Quick witted comments and the ability to remain cool under pressure are commonly displayed characteristics. Most of the time, the lead character won’t even celebrate when hitting a huge win. They collect their money and proceed with their evening.

    The above traits are for establishing a reputation with the audience. In general, directors are trying to make the individual look as cool as possible. Consequently, viewers may want to follow their lifestyle, or simply admire it in a different way. A night of thrills, big wins and good company is a dream of many, after all.


    Characters in Movies Win Consistently

    When it comes to gambling, luck is a huge factor. Even games of skill, such as poker or blackjack, rely on elements of luck. However, in movies, this luck never seems to expire for the main characters. In some instances, the film will even imply that skill is the only separating factor between the players. They suggest that if you get good enough at a particular game, you can continue winning and beat the odds.

    In real life, either at a physical casino or online gambling, this is not the case. Being better than others at your chosen game does not guarantee a win. A total beginner can still gain the upper hand, provided that luck is on their side. Sure, you can improve your chances in various casino games, but winning every time is impossible.

    Also, when lead roles win, they win big. Often, this number is in the millions, or tens of millions. This is another unrealistic aspect to these movies. It’s very unlikely that even the richest high rollers will be prepared to wager such colossal amounts of cash. Even at the biggest and best online casinos in the world, the maximum bet limit sits at about €500,000.

    Hollywood Portrays Gambling as a Harmless Pastime

    Take a moment to picture a casino from one of the movies you’ve seen in the past. People smiling, laughing and screaming in excitement are a regular occurrence. Gasps and shrieks from punters striking it lucky can be heard frequently too. While this does happen in real life, Hollywood tends to focus on the positives. As a result, the unpleasant side of gambling can be brushed over. Very few films display the potential dangers of addiction, or wagering money that you cannot afford to lose.

    For those that enjoy gambling in Ireland, it’s a good idea to use online casinos first. This can help you to experience the volatility of certain games. In addition, you can impose safer gambling limits when using an online casino. Deposit limits and loss limits are examples of methods you can use to stay safe when playing online. Unfortunately, this is rarely offered when visiting real life alternatives.


    Hopefully this post has given you an idea into how movies have affected the gambling scene. Make sure to remember that while entertaining, a majority of these scenes are unrealistic. The dangers of gambling addiction are real and there is no way to guarantee a win at the casino.

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