3 Variants of Roulette

    Roulette is one of the most straightforward casino games available, which contributes to its enormous appeal. Many gambling fans like to play this game that combines strategy and chance over other gambling staples because it provides them with a wide variety of wagering options, which they find appealing.

    Despite the fact that the principles of the game are incredibly simple to grasp, many novices can be a little puzzled by the several roulette variations available.

    The changes between the three primary varieties of roulette, namely French, American and European, are quite minimal, while the fundamental rules of the game stay almost unchanged. Roulette remains, at its core, a game of chance, regardless of the variation you choose to play, and although you may be able to apply strategies that can improve your chances of winning, there is no tried and true method that will ensure victory.

    However, it does help if you go into a game knowing some fundamentals of the version you are about to play.

    American Roulette vs. European Roulette

    As the name implies, American roulette is the variant most commonly found in land-based casinos in America. European roulette is the variant that is played throughout most countries outside of the United States.

    The only discernible difference between American and European is that the American wheel contains both a single and double zero, whilst the European wheel only has a single zero. The numbers 1-36 are used in both wheels, but the arrangement of the digits are different in each.

    The double zero being added has no real influence on how the game works, except  providing an additional number to gamble on, and this does affect the house edge.

    The odds for all bets are the same in both versions, but because American roulette has an extra number slot – the double zero – the precise probability varies, and there is an increase in the house edge.

    Another distinction is the number of wagers offered. The  bulk of them are identical, however there are a few bets that aren’t available in both versions. One is, of course, a lone wager on the double zero, which is impossible to put in European roulette since there is no double zero on the wheel.

    The five-number bet is an additional wager in American roulette. This includes digits one, two and three, as well as the double zero and zero.

    There are a couple of extra wagers known as racetrack, announced or called bets in European roulette. These are wagers that cover a specified area of the wheel or a set of numbers.

    You can give your chips to the roulette dealer and ask them to place your bets when playing in a land-based casino in European Roulette. The dealer in American roulette cannot place wagers for you.

    If you are playing roulette online, this will not matter.

    French Roulette

    French roulette is nearly identical to European roulette. There is no double zero, and all bets are identical. The betting board is a little altered, but it has no effect on the game.

    More importantly, there are a number of additional restrictions known as “En Prison” and “La Partage.”

    They may be used in European roulette as well, although they are significantly more popular in French roulette.

    In certain situations, the “en Prison” rule specifies that instead of getting back half their bet, a player can keep their wager on the table for the next spin. This is referred to as “putting the bet in jail,” thus the term.

    The “La Partage” rule stipulates that if a player makes an even money wager (such as even or odd, black or red) and the ball lands in the 0 slot, they will be refunded half of their bet.

    If the wager wins on the next spin, the player receives their whole stake back, but no profits. If the wager loses, the entire amount is forfeited.

    It is worth noting that there are many online variants of the Roulette game, so you should read up on the rules and which bets apply before you play any game for real money.

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