Bonuses at Online Casinos: Worth It or Not?

    Online casino bonuses serve the purpose of giving players the opportunity to get the most out of their game. However, that’s what it seems at first glance. In fact, any bonus is essentially a marketing tool that is needed in order to attract as many players as possible by offering them incredible bonuses. However, winning with bonuses is not such a difficult task if you approach it responsibly.

    You can take a brief look at the bonuses offered by online casinos. At the moment, the most common ones you can come across are:

    • Deposit Bonus. Players are asked to deposit a fixed amount into their account and receive a 50%, 75%, or 100% bonus on top in the form of bonus funds. As a rule, such bonuses apply to several deposits at once. For example, a bonus on the first four deposits
    • Cashback Bonus. Typically, a player receives a cashback bonus for losing money at a casino. Such bonuses may be available every weekend or every day. The amount of cashback usually depends on the status in the casino or the amount lost
    • Free Spins Bonus. This type of bonus also applies to deposits. Most often, players are asked to deposit a specific amount of money and receive a fixed number of Free Spins. These Free Spins look like sets or packages of offers. For example, make a deposit of 20 USD and get 30 Free Spins or make a deposit of 40 USD and get 60 Free Spins
    • No Deposit Bonus. This is an incentive bonus for signing up to the casino. This can be Free Spins, which are added to the balance in any particular game, or bonus money. If it’s bonus money, you usually get either 5, 10, or 20 USD, which you need to wager in special games. Or it could be 10, 20 or 30 Free Spins in a particular slot.

    These bonuses are the most common in online casinos. Of course, some establishments still have offers like the One Hour Bonus, but they are not very popular.

    Moreover, you can remove the bonus if you think that you are better without any bonuses taken.

    Wager is what matters most

    It is one thing to get a bonus, whether it is a no deposit bonus or a cashback bonus. They all have one condition that must be met. This condition is called a wager. In essence, the wager is a measure of how much a player needs to wager with the bonus funds before he can withdraw them. Let’s take an example, you got a 20 USD no deposit bonus with wager x50. In order to be able to withdraw this bonus, you would need 20*50 which would bring you a total of 1,000 USD to wager. However, there are times when such bonuses can be wagered on all games. But, in most cases, every bonus must be wagered only in slots where 100% of all bets count. But, for example, in table games, the offset may go only 5% of all bets. Therefore, be sure to read the terms and conditions for earning and wagering all bonuses.

    In order to ensure that you follow all of the rules regarding wagering bonuses, you can go to the terms and conditions of the casino where you play and study all aspects of bonuses. It can happen that an online casino has a Bonus Terms and Conditions section, so players can read all the bonuses without any problems.

    Wagering weight is another important parameter

    In addition, you need to pay attention to the wager. Today, online casinos are very strict in regulating this area of bonuses. The fact is that the lower the wager, the higher the probability that the bonus will be won back and the player will get the money. Bonus hunters have begun to take advantage of this. In order to prevent options for dishonest receipt of funds, the wager has grown to astronomical values. Today you can find wager x60, x80, or x99. Yes, you are not imagining it. The thing is that by introducing such conditions it has become very difficult or even impossible to wager bonuses. However, such large wager figures are not always found. The most common are x25-x50. These are more or less bearable options, which you can choose and try to win back.

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