Spring to Summer: 5 Tips for Transitioning Your Wardrobe

    When seasons change, it is an exciting time, but it can also be confusing. It feels like just when you’ve gotten into a rhythm of wearing the perfect seasonal wardrobe, there’s a new season creeping just around the corner. Well, we’re here to help!

    You can be prepped and ready to look your best in the new season’s weather by keeping a few things in mind. Here are five tips for you to easily and smoothly transition your spring wardrobe into summer.

    Layers for Showing Off in Hotter Weather — For days with unpredictable temperature rises and drops, having cute layers to add and remove as needed is key. Stock up on cute sports bras to put underneath your springtime athleisure tops in case the day gets too hot to handle.

    We love a cute sports bra peeking out underneath a loose tank or cropped tee. Pair that with some high-waisted biker shorts or light fabric leggings for a breathable and weatherproof look during season changes.

    Athleisure outfits are the perfect style to take you from spring to summer comfortably — plus, you’ll be ready to jump in and get involved in all of the fun outdoor activities that the new season will bring.

    A Secret Helper for Flattering Outfits — Temperatures are rising along with hemlines as summer makes its way onto our calendars. You can feel held in and secure in those tight and clingy pieces with a little help from some shapewear. There are countless styles and levels of compression available, which means that there’s always a shapewear garment for your specific outfit or need.

    More women than ever before are experiencing the magic of shapewear products. The industry has been growing steadily and is forecast to continue to grow over the next several years. Why? Because it works, and women are learning to love the way they look in their sexiest outfits.

    Spring style trends include loose, flowing maxi dresses but summer is all about those hotter, sexier outfits that hug your curves. So reach for your sexiest summer dress and know that you’ve got a new secret weapon to help you wear it confidently. From high-waisted compression shorts or panties to extra-firm bodysuits or corsets, you can smooth out your curves, look firm and feel secure as you rock that summer dress.

    Swap In Sweaters for Jackets — As spring showers go away, we can start to swap in our lighter sweaters and cropped hoodies in place of denim jackets or heavier pieces. A light fabric sweater or a soft cropped hoodie is a perfect outer layer option for beach evenings or unseasonably cold days that don’t have a chance of rain.

    When sporting a seasonal transition athleisure look, we especially love the way a thin, light sweater looks tied around your waist. You’ll look cute and be prepared for the weather of the day.

    Like we said before, layers are the key to dealing with ever-changing temperatures between seasons, so keeping them lightweight and stylish is the best way to transition your wardrobe smoothly.

    More Linen, Less Denim — Another great way to ease into summer days is to swap out those heavy denim jeans or shorts and opt for linen and softer fabrics.

    Picnics at the lake, beach or park call for comfortable fabrics that move with you, give you some coverage and also keep you cool. Your springtime denim jeans are super cute, but don’t always let your legs breathe on hot summer days.

    As you try out some linen pants, dresses and shorts, this is another good opportunity for shapewear to come in and assist. A light compression garment, such as a simple high-waisted panty, is the perfect accessory underneath your linen or soft fabric summer outfits.

    Shapewear lets you enjoy your summertime events in comfortable, breathable clothing and gives you the peace of mind you need. Forget about unflattering wardrobe malfunctions and wear those thin, light fabrics all day long.

    Don’t Forget the Shoes — Last, as your wardrobe moves with you from spring to summer, remember that shoes can make or break an outfit. Stash away your thick spring boots and booties so you can bring out your light sneakers, sandals, wedges and flats.

    A heavy shoe or boot in the summer season can look out of place and throw off the entire vibe of your wardrobe. Try a strappy sandal with linen pants or shorts, or a classic all-white sneaker paired with a short, floral dress. Espadrille wedges are a seasonably appropriate shoe that goes well with any summer outfit as well.

    Let your feet breathe on hot summer days and bring harmony to your outfits with the right footwear choice.

    The time between seasons changing can make it difficult to choose what to wear. Slowly transition out your heavier pieces and rotate in lighter fabrics, tighter and sexier outfits and tons of cute, layerable athleisure pieces. Remember that shapewear is your best friend and secret weapon for all of your short, clingy summer wardrobe needs. Cheers to brighter, hotter days full of comfort and cuteness!

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