Keeping your hair long and strong like Ariana Grande

    After years of watching the famous singer Ariana Grande wear her long waist-length ponytail, who doesn’t want to have sky-high styled long hair? But do we know that it wasn’t that long ago that Ariana’s fab looking pony was just a dream for her? So, the big question here – how can we have such long, nourished, strong hair? The simple answer is following a smart hair care routine. Growing your hair stronger is about following a two-fold approach – reduce damage throughout the shaft and second, provide an optimal growing scene at the root level. For some females, growing long and fab looking hair just happens naturally but for most of the women, setting up our daily hair care routine is crucial to achieve great results. Let’s speak about everything one needs to know and do to grow longer, stronger and thicker hair – the right way!

    Use what suits your hair – the right shampoo and conditioner

    It’s too obvious and we all know yet worth repeating – different hair types need specific types of hair products that cater to our individual hair needs. You must understand that scalp condition is important for good health of your hair, and scalp health can be improved by ensuring a clear surface.

    For instance those with thin hair should try out volume building shampoo and conditioners to boost the thickness and add shine. Those who have coarse hair should opt for products that tame frizz in the hair and add nourishment.

    Apply scalp scrub that contains salicylic acid and/or glycolic acid as these prevent sebum build-up by stripping away the outer cell layers. Any scrub and shampoo that help get rid of buildup without taking away your scalp’s natural oils should be good enough. Taking care of your scalp is also one big factor that promotes healthy hair. It would be best to do some research on dry scalp black hair care, how to maintain a healthy scalp, and what products to apply and not to apply on the scalp.

    Never over wash

    Natural oils are important as there is nothing better than them for your hair. While rinsing away the product buildup is important to maintain a healthy scalp, don’t over do as it can harm your hair. Also, distribute the natural oils evenly by gently brushing your hair regularly.

    Eat right

    Having strong and long hair isn’t just about using the right products the right way, it is also about what you are putting into your body. You need to feed your hair inside out, just like any other part of the body. Ensure you up your protein intake by including items such as beans, nuts, whole grains and so on. Some of us experience constant hair loss – this could be a sign that your diet is not up to the mark and might be low n protein.

    Avoid heating tools

    Heating tools can damage your hair and lead to frizz and breakage. So, it’s time to put away those heating tools and let your hair be natural and original. If at all, you are recommended to use heat for your hair, take extra care to protect them with heat protectant. Also, finishing your shower with a cool rinse is always a good idea.

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