Design Case Study – Minimalistic & Luxury Bedroom Interiors

    In this post, we are talking about luxury master bedroom designs. We are going to pick one of the best ideas from a famous interior designer, dissect it, see what works and what doesn’t, and hopefully, you can learn a little something to make your own master bedroom look luxurious.

    One of the most important highlights of a designer bedroom is high-quality materials and luxurious accents. While incorporating quality and luxury items in your bedroom, you must also ensure that you choose a bed that could support such levels of luxe. Not only will it complement those features but also provide the durability that enables you to experience these benefits for years to come. 

    For instance, divan beds are known for their simplistic engineering, strength, functional qualities, and value for money. On top of that, if you look at various options, such as divan crushed velvet beds, you’ll understand how it supports the level of comfort, sophistication and luxury that certain interior designs require. 

    Okay, now let’s dive into the master bedroom design mentioned above. 

    Here, we will be talking about Hollywood hairstylist Jen Atkin’s master bedroom design done by Erick Garcia from Maison Trouvaille. This is a bedroom style that invigorates a peaceful, calm and ready to go to sleep environment. 

    The highlight of this bedroom design is the Pacha lounge chairs from Gubi. They are spectacular pieces of furniture on their own. Who doesn’t love plush, minimalistic, curvy, light-coloured, and low bedroom seating furniture? Designing such a seating area in front of your bed is key. You could use it to relax or read a book at the end of the day.

    Also, the sheer curtains used in this space compliments the overall tone and texture of this bedroom design. It spans all the way up into the ceiling, which is a great way to make your room look even larger. The pleats add an unexpected textural element to a very neutral space. The bed itself features a very low and minimal headboard. This is a very popular look according to the prevailing interior design trend. 

    One thing that all of these bedroom designs have in common is a heavy focus on natural materials. These materials include linens, cotton and even silk. The use of such materials also offers a ton of health benefits. 

    For instance, sleeping with silk pillowcases can help maintain skin health. This antibacterial material is very good for your skin. Not only that, but it actually helps with wrinkles. When you sleep on a pillow for long periods, your skin rubs against it, which leads to the deposits of dead skin cells and bacterial build-ups. Silk helps by mitigating these issues with its antibacterial qualities.

    Finally, the minimalism extends to the decor accents used in the rest of the bedroom space. There’s nothing intricate about these items but the touch of luxury they provide is incredible. The simplistic yet moderately sized lamps and the indoor tree in the corner complement this space so well. It’s hard to find any room for improvement.  

    To Conclude

    Although every element in this bedroom is intentionally minimal, one would wish that there was something above the bed, just to give this space an elevated look. Maybe a floating shelf with a couple of decor accents or a higher headboard with textures that matches the overall design theme would do the job. 

    Nonetheless, it is a great and overall simple design without any clutter. Definitely, a concept that screams less is more. It’s a perfect example that proves how minimalism can look stunning if you do it right.

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