10 Projects You Can Do With Resin

    Exploring arts and crafts would always be fun, and you can use this as a new hobby or a new business venture. As you look into various options, you may come across resin artworks of various designs, which can be great decorative pieces or even serve as functional items inside your household.  

    Doing resin projects needs plenty of practice, patience, and budget, especially if you’re planning to incorporate various designs and styles. You also need to look for a trusted resin art supplier, like https://www.justresin.com.au/, that can provide you with quality materials, resulting in top-notch results.

    To help you gather ideas, here are some projects you can do with resin:  

    1.     Coasters

    If you’re looking for a resin project that you can regularly use inside your kitchen, creating coasters would be your best choice. This way, you can finally have a place where your cups can sit, avoiding damage to surfaces due to intense temperature. These can also prevent the formation of water rings on your table.

    You can create one using a silicone molder, or use your existing deep wooden coasters and apply resin to add art. 

    1.     Wall Art

    There’s no denying that resin art is beautiful and classy at the same time. To not waste the allure holds, making resin wall art would surely be a great idea. You can use a mold of any shape and size, and play around with various color combinations that’ll complement well with your interior design.

    You can go for a marble, beach, or galaxy theme—just make sure it emphasizes the room’s beauty.  

    1.     Clock

    Another functional resin project you should consider is making a resin clock. While this will require you to purchase the clock’s mechanism, it’ll only cost you a few bucks. You can either have it plain or stick some decals to indicate the numbers.

    1.     Coffee Table

    If you’d like to create a more challenging and larger piece, you can make your own coffee table. However, this would cost you more, and you’ll have to incorporate various techniques to ensure stability and that bubbles won’t form. The resulting items would surely be a great centerpiece inside your home, highlighting your living room’s beauty, for instance  

    1.     Pen Holder

    If you own a lot of pens, you might consider creating a pen holder, which would allow you to grab one easily. While you can use any jar, a resin pen holder would help improve your desk’s appearance, making it the better choice. It’ll serve as a functional item and a work of art at the same time wherever you plan to put it.  

    1.     Jewelry

    Of course, there’d always be a way to incorporate resin to your outfit, and one effective way of doing it is through jewelry. You can create bangles, rings, and necklaces. However, if you’re using metal, try to look for a tarnish-free one or apply a jewelry protectant to keep its appearance shiny for as long as possible.  

    1.     Keychain

    You can also create custom keychain that you can bring with you wherever you go. What’s really fun about this project is that the range of shapes and designs you can play with is infinite. You can use letter molders or go for standard forms, and you’re free to use the colors and knickknacks you wish to incorporate. You could add dried flowers, gold flakes, glitter, or decals.  

    1.     Hair Clips

    You may as well integrate resin into hair clips, and this would allow you to play with various colors and designs. With resin hair clips, you can almost guarantee that they’ll last long as they’re sturdier compared to commercial-bought pieces.

    1.     Napkin Rings

    If you wish to create resin items for your dining room, you can go for napkin rings. You can make different napkin rings for various occasions. You can use solid colors or go with translucent ones. These will surely bring a unique touch to your dining table.  

    1. Trinket Tray

    Another project you could try is creating a trinket tray wherein you can throw in anything you’d like, such as your keys or small pieces of jewelry. A trinket tray can be a great addition to your accent table, especially that with resin, you can be as artsy as you want. 


    Doing resin projects for your home would always be a fun activity to do. This way, you can explore various designs and shapes, and be able to create aesthetically pleasing items inside your home. Additionally, most of these items are functional as well—they’re not just works of art, but they’re items you can actually use. Talk about hitting two birds with a single stone!

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