13 Careers If You Want To Get Away From People

    If you are fed up with feeling undervalued and underappreciated in your current job then it may be time to look elsewhere. If you have skills and talents that aren’t being utilized in your current position then think about where you may be able to use them. Perhaps you have had trouble with your fellow employees or the clients you serve. If so, you could be looking for alternative work away from people. This doesn’t have to be permanent but you may need a break from being around ungrateful people every so often. If you found you loved working on your own during the numerous lockdowns then think of a career where you can do this. Why not take up tutoring? If you’re good at a subject you can get paid for this

    You may have to go back to college or school to get the necessary qualifications if you don’t possess them but it will be worth it in the end. Take a look below at some suggestions if you want a career avoiding people. 


    If you want something truly solitary with no other input from anyone else then you might want to start a blog. This could be on absolutely anything and it revolves around you and your life. You could start a food blog, cooking and baking at home, and then write about the results. People enjoy reading other individuals’ blogs and finding out what they have been up to. You could also do a travel blog, recommending places to go for fellow individuals who want some peace and quiet. The world is your oyster when it comes to blogs, you just have to make sure it’s a feasible option for you. 

    You can make money from blogging but it involves reviewing other people’s products and services then writing about them and involving them on your blog. This then leads to your readers clicking on the link to the review and potentially buying it. You and the seller then make money from that transaction. 


    Something that can be quite lucrative and solitary is working as a freelancer. Freelancers work for themselves and set their own hours and fees. If you have a particular skill that you want to hone in on then freelancing might be the way to go. You could be an exceptional writer, you can gain clients that want articles written for blog sites or websites. When you are a freelancer a lot of your communication is done via email and internal chats, so you never actually have to speak to anyone in person or over the phone. You can also freelance from anywhere in the world, as long as you have the equipment you need and an internet connection. 

    Read Meters

    If you want to be traveling to different locations each day for work then think about becoming a meter reader for different companies. This is a position where you could work for a couple of companies as all you will be doing is reading meters and feeding back the numbers to the company. You can travel alone and read the meters alone so what more could you ask for. Get your CV or resume out there so companies can find your amazing skills. 

    Truck Drivers

    One of the biggest jobs where you can be alone with yourself for hours on end is truck driving. You can expect to find yourself traveling the length and breadth of the country and even other countries when you are a truck driver. Depending on your license type you could be driving smaller lorries and trucks or bigger ones. If you want to drive the big ones then you will need to gain a specialist license for this. However, the good news is you will earn more money if you decide to drive the bigger trucks. They also travel longer distances, occasionally cross country. 


    If you want to help people but don’t want to help people around other people then how about becoming a translator. As a translator, you can choose who you help depending on the languages you are able to speak. You could be a freelance translator working for yourself and doing a lot of your work online. If you advertise your services online and which languages you speak then people will come to you. You can also reply to any job advertisements you see online looking for translators. The good news about being a translator is you just need to speak another language, you don’t need any special qualifications. 


    This is something else that can be done mostly online rather than in person. If you are still concerned with the likes of Covid making the rounds, online work is the way forward. You may need a background in teaching if you want to become a high-paid tutor. If you want to do it as a second job then you can do it by having experience working with children rather than having a degree. Get yourself onto the many websites that advertise for tutors. You might have to put your price low to start with if you aren’t qualified or trained in teaching. You can also choose what you want to teach. This can be anything from school work to older pupils needing assistance with college. If this is the case then you might find setting them homework using college worksheets helps them learn a lot quicker. 


    If you are great at designing things then why not design some of the best buildings and homes in the country. You could be responsible for the buildings people are working and living in. imagine walking or driving past the building each day knowing you created that. So if you want to have an immense sense of achievement and are great at designing either with a pencil or using technology then think about becoming an architect. 

    Animal Worker

    If you don’t want to work with people, how about you work with animals? This can sometimes be a lot easier than working with people as the animals don’t answer back. There are plenty of jobs that involve working and helping animals, this can be anything from a vet to a dog walker. You could also advertise your services to house sit people’s pets when they go away for events or holidays. If you want to be a vet then you will need to go back to school and gain the necessary qualifications, totally worth it when you see the animals happy and healthy at the end of treatment. 


    If you want to be on your own for hours and you enjoy making art then how about you become a full-time artist. If you are great with your brushes or pencils then people will pay good money to have your art on their wall. There is also no definition as to what art is either, you could paint flowers, buildings, or simply splash your brush on the paper a few times. It is the way art makes people feel that sells it, not necessarily what it looks like. 


    If you don’t mind getting dirty, smelly, and being away for days on end then how about you become a fisherman. This is great if you live by the sea and can get your hands on a boat. You also need to be great at avoiding sea sickness. Fishermen quite often work long hours and need to be great at keeping themselves company. If you are a true introvert and want to avoid people this could be the career for you. If you catch expensive fish then you could be earning a small fortune. 


    If you want something nice and easy that gives you a sense of happiness and achievement then think about being a cleaner. This may not sound glamorous, and most of the time it isn’t but you can give buildings and homes the clean they really need. If you find you like cleaning then why not make some money from it? You can either sign up with a cleaning company or if you are confident then you can start your own business. Starting your own business means building up your client list and managing your own appointments and diaries. 


    This is another one if you want to help people but not work with them directly. Being green-fingered comes in handy here as you could become a landscape gardener. People are always in need of someone to help them with their gardens, especially if they are elderly or disabled. You don’t need to be registered through a company to do this, you could set yourself up and have your own business. You will need to supply your own tools as the people you help will expect you to have your own lawnmower and stuff like that. Creating idyllic gardens for people will help them massively. 


    Finally, if you don’t mind working with people, you just need a bit of silence then how about a librarian as your next job title. There are always positions in libraries as people often get bored of working in silence often on their own. However, if this suits you down to the ground then you don’t need any official qualifications. You may need to gain some experience working in a library setting, you can do this by volunteering for a little while in your nearest one.

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