Which Addiction is More Hazardous, Streaming or Gaming?

    Addiction has become a hot-button topic in recent years. Compulsion has a grappling effect on the human mind.

    It inhibits personal growth, and thinking capabilities causes depression and health concerns, and induces anti-social behaviors. Ask any group of people whether streaming or gaming is more addictive and hazardous to one’s health, and you will likely get a variety of answers.

    However, what’s more undisputed is that excessive use of either medium can be detrimental. It’s no secret that the digital age has steered into a new era of addiction. 

    We can now become hooked on things that never existed before, like gaming and streaming services.

    There’s no doubt that both of these activities can be enjoyable and provide a sense of satisfaction. But can also be harmful if taken to an extreme.

    So, which addiction is more hazardous: streaming or gaming? Let’s take a look!

    What is Streaming Addiction?

    Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have conditioned us to expect instant gratification. We can now watch entire seasons of our favorite TV shows in a matter of days or even hours.

    Also, www.howtowatch.com.au makes it incredibly effortless to watch the content of any country. Now geographical boundaries do not matter much — technology has surpassed them.

    We have so much content rolling out each week; if one show was a disappointing watch, there’s always another waiting for us right around the corner.

    It’s no wonder that so many of us struggle with streaming addiction. We’re constantly rewarded with new content, and our brains are also rewired to crave it. An average person now spends more than two hours a day streaming videos, and that number will only go up.

    Streaming is now one of the most widespread forms of entertainment. And there’s no sign of it slowing down. But with that increased popularity comes an increased risk of addiction.

    Many people find themselves unable to stop watching even when they know they should.

    What is Gaming Addiction?

    Gaming addiction is a real problem that is starting to get more attention. But unfortunately, many people seem to think that it isn’t a real addiction.

    But that’s not the case. Instead, studies have shown that gaming addiction can be as dangerous and harmful as any other type of addiction.

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    People mostly addicted to gaming may also spend excessive time playing games. It is often detrimental to their relationships and work or school life. They may also feel an intense need to continue even when they are aware of the consequences on their life.

    While video games are essentially not bad, too much of anything can be harmful. When a person develops an addiction to gaming, they can lose touch with the real world and become alienated.

    Comparing and Contrasting Streaming and Gaming Addictions

    There is no doubt that gaming and streaming can be addictive activities. Both can provide hours of entertainment and blissful escapism from the real world. 

    But some differences between the two can make one or the other more addictive for certain people:

    • With gaming addiction, the motivator is usually the thrill of the game. And the sense of achievement of completing levels or unlocking new content. On the other hand, streaming addiction may be more about wanting to be part of a community and feel connected with other people.
    • Between these addictions, gaming ones are more solitary. But streaming addiction leads people to form social circles around their shared love of streaming. It is likely because streaming is a more communal experience than gaming.
    • Gaming addiction can also lead to players losing sleep and even dropping out of school or work. Likewise, streaming addiction, while similar in that case. But it can also lead to sleep deprivation and missed obligations.
    • Gaming addiction can often be more hazardous as it can involve spending excessive amounts of money on games. On the other hand, while still harmful, streaming addiction is not usually as costly compared to gaming.
    • Gaming can be addictive in a way that streaming cannot, as it often involves an element of competition with other players. It can make it harder to break the habit than streaming, which can often be done in isolation.

    Which Addiction is More Hazardous?

    Sadly there is no straightforward answer to this question — it depends on the person’s circumstances. 

    For example, some people may find that gaming addiction is more hazardous. At the same time, others may find that streaming addiction has substantial repercussions.

    Hence, it is important to consider the following factors when determining which addiction is more hazardous:

    • The number of hours spent in a day on particular activity?
    • What are the consequences of excessive involvement in the activity?
    • How does the activity make the person feel?
    • What are the spoils and risks associated with the activity?
    • Is the activity causing problems in other areas of the person’s life?

    Summing up, there is indeed no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Yet, the truth is that gaming and streaming can both be addictive and hazardous to health – depending on time spent on each.


    With technology becoming more advanced, people have turned to different types of entertainment to relax.

    Some argue that gaming is more hazardous than streaming. Because when gaming, one is entirely absorbed in the game.

    They may not be mindful of their surroundings and could get injured. Yet, people who stream argue that they are still connected to the real world because they are streaming. Therefore, they are alert and responsive to their surroundings.

    Both gaming and streaming can be addictive, but which addiction is more hazardous? The answer is both.

    When we look at nature, everything is in equilibrium, maintaining a healthy balance. Similarly, one can enjoy their pursuits in moderation. The key is to maintain a healthy routine. If one keeps the time consumed to limited hours, no hobby can be a harm.

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