Can You Fly with Your Own CBD Vape Pen on a Plane?


    Gone are when an individual only used cannabis to experience intoxication. In today’s era Cannabidiol, i.e., CBD, which is one of the most active ingredients of the cannabis plant, is being actively used for varied medicinal and therapeutic benefits. CBD products are available in various forms such as CBD oil, Delta-8 gummies, Delta-8 carts, etc. People can buy medical marijuana seeds to grow it on thier own as this way, they are confident about the quality and safety of the product. But bisides, growing CBD yourself can save your money too

    CBD is becoming common in such a fashion that you would typically take it wherever you go, especially while you are traveling. Experiencing anxiety or facing sleep-related issues or pain of varied kinds is one of the most common issues people experience while traveling via plane. CBD can help you deal with all such things quickly, conveniently, and speedily.

    This article will help you explore how to carry your CBD pen on a plane without any hassle and discuss factors you must keep in mind while traveling with CBD Pen.

    CBD- One Stop Solution

    Nature can surprise us in many ways, and the cannabis plant is one such example of it. What was traditionally known for its intoxicating qualities has varied medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Cannabis has within it various cannabinoids which have wide-ranging physical, emotional, and mental effects on the body. Tetrahydrocannabinol, i.e., THC, is the most active of them and contains the psychoactive compound giving a ‘high’ sensation on the consumption of cannabis.

    However, CBD is devoid of such psychoactive elements and thus would not make you feel all high but still offer a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic benefits. It has experienced immense demand from cannabis enthusiasts. It is believed to cross a valuation of USD 47.22 Billion by 2028 from around USD 4.9 Billion in 2021, i.e., at a highly splendid CAGR of 21.3%.

    CBD Pens- The Fast and Effective Way

    CBD vape pens are e-cigarettes that are battery operated and function by heating the liquid into an aerosol through which the user can inhale or exhale the fluid. In the case of the CBD pen, the e-liquid has CBD infused in it. These vape pens, even though small, are mighty and usually are refillable.

    Vaping CBD is one of the swiftest ways of its consumption. It experiences the highest percentage of bioavailability, which means the amount of substance consumed to the amount of substance that entered your bloodstream. Vaping the drug offers bioavailability as high as 70%.

    Why Carry the CBD Pen?

    There are wide-ranging benefits that CBD Pen can offer, especially while you are traveling-

    Relieving you From Anxiety and Stress– CBD pen can be highly beneficial in reducing anxiety and stress. Studies have exhibited that it is instrumental in facilitating anxiety-related symptoms. It can help you in staying calm in a stressful situation. CBD pens can also be instrumental in relieving you of any social anxiety you experience and thus increase your confidence.

    Uplifting The Mood- CBD reacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, affecting an individual’s mood. It ensures that there is adequate production of cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system and thus helps uplift an individual’s perspective. It also reacts with serotonin levels in the body which can affect the mood of an individual and thus aid in boosting your mood.

    Sleep Aid- You can often experience sleep-related issues for various reasons, and a night of proper sleep is like the body’s natural way of recovering. This problem is often faced by a person traveling from one place to another. CBD pen can be helpful as studies have exhibited that it can deal with sleep-related issues and even insomnia.

    Relieving Pain- it can also reduce pain of various kinds. Studies have exhibited that it helps alleviate chronic pain, facial pain, arthritis, and even pain caused owing to nerve damage.

    Interestingly using a CBD pen is one of the fastest ways of CBD consumption as vaping experiences the highest.

    The Legal Angle

    It is perfectly permissible to fly with any CBD-infused product as the THC concentration is less than 0.3%. The U.S. Farm Bills of 2018 legalized CBD Hemp, which contained not more than 0.3% THC. The Transport Security Administration Guideline also clearly specifies that it is perfectly legal to fly with cannabis-infused products, provided it has less than 0.3% THC.

    Even in the U.K., CBD products are allowed as far as they contain less than 0.2% THC. The EU also allows CBD products and recently raised its THC limit to 0.3% THC, which would be effective from 1st January 2023.

    The Checklist

    Even though it is legal to travel with CBD based products having less than permissible THC limit, you must check on certain things before carrying your own CBD pen with you on the plane, for instance-

    • Put them in Your Carry On Bags

    Because of fire concerns, all electronic devices have to be carried in the place and not moved onto the plane. It is a sort of universally accepted rule. Also, lithium batteries which normally power the CBD pens can catch fire at higher altitudes. You can use a molded plastic battery case to prevent mishaps and short journeys. I prefer disposable vaping as you would not have to worry about a charger, vape juice, etc.

    Further, smoking is generally banned at airports and on flights. Thus, even though you can carry the CBD pen in your carry-on, you cannot use it at airports or on planes.

    • Know the Law

    Even though CBD is being increasingly popular and widely accepted globally, we advise you to check the laws of the place you are visiting. Some states still have not legalized cannabis or CBD and can charge heavy fines and penalties if you possess such a substance.

    The U.K. Travelers were warned about carrying CBD-infused products to the UAE. Many states have stringent laws regarding possession of such substances and thus ensure to check such laws of the place you are visiting or staying because of flight changeover to avoid any hassle.

    • Keep Ready the CoA

    To save yourself from any hassle, please keep a printed version of the Certificate of Analysis which verifies the THC concentration in the product. A printed version of this CoA would be handy if the airport authorities stop you, and you can easily verify that you have complied with the rules and regulations in place.

    • Keep Documents Ready

    If you are using a CBD pen for medicinal purposes, you can carry the doctor’s prescription to avoid any hassles and the bills of your product and tax receipt to avoid any hassle.

    • Pack Properly

    If you are carrying extra batteries for your CBD pen, ensure that you have them in a plastic mold. If you are carrying lithium batteries, it must not exceed the 100 Watt-hour limit, and for lithium metal batteries, a lithium content of 2 grams.

    Further, there are additional rules to check if you carry liquid. For instance, a total of 3.4 ounces, i.e., 100 ml only, is allowed to be held in your carry-on, and drink more than that has to go in the checked bags. Thus, while carrying e-liquid for your CBD pen, ensure that it complies with such additional rules and regulations.


    It is perfectly legal to carry your own CBD pen on the plane. All you need to ensure is that you place them correctly in your carry-on and ensure that their contents are well within the permissible limits of the jurisdiction you will enter. Guaranteeing these, you can enjoy the varied medicinal and therapeutic benefits CBD pen offers even when traveling to different places.

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