A Look At Two Of The Hottest Shoes From New Balance – The 327 and the 550

    In the world of athletic footwear, New Balance is a brand that often flies under the radar. The brand is very underrated, especially in comparison to some of the bigger players in the industry. This is despite a legacy in sportswear as big as any other and a history that includes some very iconic shoes.

    The New Balance faithful will say that this is actually a good thing, as it keeps the shoes anonymous. New Balance footwear does not really suffer from the insane hype wars and crazy price markups that other popular shoes have. However, in recent years, New Balance has released some very special shoe lines that have captured the attention of the public. They are the 327 and the 550. This article will discuss why these shoe lines are so great.

    The 327

    The New Balance 327 line is one of the brand’s most successful modern lines. Fans love it because it combines two of any shoe lover’s favorite things: comfort and retro styling. The 327 is such a great throwback that it is hard to tell it is actually an ultramodern line released just 2 years ago in 2020. The design contains nods to a few of New Balance’s older lines, such as the 320 and 355. It has a classic 70s silhouette that is really ageless.

    The old-school vibe does not carry over into the material quality, and that is said with no shade towards older shoe lines. The 327 is made to the highest modern standards of quality and comfort. Designed as a running shoe, the 327 is durable and lightweight, which is important for rigorous activity. The heritage-inspired yet ageless design means that a pair can be used as a great match for any casual, summertime outfit. The 327 offers a winning combination of high craftsmanship, durability, versatility, and an iconic, distinctive design. It would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

    The 550

    Where the 327s are a retro-inspired throwback, the New Balance 550 line is an actual resurrection of a shoe line from the past. This 2020 release of the 550 line is a continuation of the original 1989 line that has been given new life. The shoes never took off back in the 80s and early 90s. They were unable to break into the basketball arena, which was New Balance’s intention. They couldn’t compete with the other brands that already had a firm hold on that sport. At the same time, it strayed too far from New Balance’s usual running crowd.

    This new take on the original has absolutely none of those problems. They are absolutely trending right now, and have gotten rave reviews. The loss of sporting pretensions has allowed the shoe’s other great qualities to stand out. Those qualities include a really great design, with leather uppers and a premium build quality. A favorite of celebrities, they are flying off shelves and are getting hard to find anywhere.

    This article was not written to tell you about shoes that are out of your reach, however. In fact, both the 550 and 327 are currently available. This is the best time to get your hands on a pair or two of these great shoes.

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