Kids Ninja Warrior Show Coming Soon To Australia

    What is Ninja Warrior?

    In Australia, Ninja Warrior is a popular sports entertainment competition show that airs on Channel 9. The show originated in Japan, and has since had iterations airing in the United States, United Kingdom, and now Australia. Since its premiere in Australia in 2017, Ninja Warrior has been constantly amping the stakes for athletic performance by introducing more and more difficult ninja obstacle courses.

    Athletes from all over the country compete to see who can make it the furthest and have the fastest time. The winner takes home $200,000 in prize money, so competition is fierce! In the latest iteration of Australian Ninja Warrior, competitors are set to compete head to head at the same time – adding a huge amount of pressure to the already stiff competition.

    Kids Ninja Competition by Vuly

    Vuly’s own Ninja Warrior-style competition is coming to Australian media channels. Vuly saw an awesome opportunity to bring Ninja to younger competitors and give Ninja Warrior Australia 2022 a run for its money. Vuly’s competition was filmed in June 2022 and will be airing on Vuly’s social media channels in July 2022.

    The competition had 16 competitors with kids between the ages of 7 and 12 allowed to compete. The prize for the competition was $1000 and 2 of Vuly’s most sought-after products – the Thunder Trampoline and the Ninja Quest Monkey Bars set.

    Vuly’s Ninja competition was hosted in Ninja Jungle, a ninja gym located near Brisbane, Australia. Ji Wallace and Skye Haddy hosted the event. Ji is an olympic silver medalist in the trampolining sport and Skye reached the semi-final in Australian Ninja Warrior. The event had an amazing turnout of parents and supporters and made for fantastic day for the kids.

    The show is set to attract a large audience of fans given how popular the official Ninja Warrior show has become over the recent years. Vuly’s Ninja Competition is a great stepping stone for kids looking to compete in the official Ninja Warrior competition when they come of age.

    Ninja Warrior obstacles

    In the popular TV show “Australian Ninja Warrior” contestants race through a challenging obstacle course in an attempt to become the next American Ninja Warrior. The obstacles on the course are designed to test strength, agility, and balance. Many of the obstacles have some origin in gymnastics, rock climbing, and parkour.

    Ninja Warrior obstacles include the Warped Wall, which is a wall that curves inward at the top. Contestants must run up the wall and grab onto the top and pull themselves up. The Salmon Ladder is another tough obstacle – its a ladder with rungs that are wider than regular ladder rungs. Contestants must use their arms and legs to propel themselves up to the next rung while holding on to a straight bar. The Rope Swing is a rope suspended over a pool of water – contestants need to swing over the pit to land on a platform on the other side.

    Vuly’s Ninja competition included miniature versions of some of these awesome obstacles. The kid ninjas that competed blitzed through them with surprising speed and almost everyone was able to complete the entire course!

    How should kids prepare for Vuly’s Ninja competition?

    In order to train for Ninja Warrior, it’s important to train strength, endurance, speed, and agility. The best way to train is to be as specific as possible.

    Sports such as gymnastics and rock climbing develop the necessary body control and grip strength to complete ninja courses. Sports like parkour can also help build confidence in jumping from obstacle to obstacle. The best thing to for kids to do, however, is to practice at ninja gyms that have their own ninja courses. The more courses they complete the more familiar they will become with the unique challenges of the ninja sport.

    The future of Ninja Warrior

    In the ever-growing world of TV sport shows, there are a few sports that have captivated an audience like Ninja Warrior. The show has a bright future and is only set to become bigger. The future of the show is moving to younger competitors – there is plenty of talent in the ninja world, but many competitors are too young to join the official competition. As has been done in America, Australian Ninja Warrior should have a sister show that is designed specifically for kid ninjas.

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