AI, Upcycling and How You Can Join This Latest Fashion Trend

    Any lover of fashion will know that trends come and go in this intriguing industry. However, at present, it looks like one in particular is set to have some real staying power.

    Greener and more sustainable attitudes towards clothing are becoming common and impacting the industry in more than one way. For instance, we have already discussed how consumers might be asking some key questions when it comes to buying new items.

    Upcycling has also attracted lots of attention in recent times and the idea has been put in the spotlight by a fascinating new collection.

    AI Fashion

    LG AI Research recently revealed how Tilda – described by the company as the world’s first AI artist – has unveiled her fashion debut of sustainably produced clothing.

    In a press release, the collection of 30 garments was described as being created from discarded and recycled materials. However, it uses more than just physical items, as the collection also embraces so-called ‘digital waste’. LG AI Research describes the latter as unused data that adds to the world’s carbon footprint by using storage energy. The company explained how this digital waste was combined with denim and fabrics. The collection incorporated brand new designs made from previously discarded images that Tilda had created for New York Fashion Week.

    The range created for the Digital Upcycling Project launched in the Metaverse on World Environment Day, which was held on June 5th. It includes 13 jackets, as well as 14 pairs of trousers and three hats.

    Embracing the trend

    The news of the collection is undoubtedly fascinating. It highlights fashion’s relationship with the digital world and puts the issue of upcycling in the spotlight. However, it is important to remember that you do not need AI to get involved in this growing trend – just the right attitude.

    So, if you are keen to begin your journey into upcycling, where should you start? Some key tools might come in handy for creating new items from your old clothes, and a glue gun may prove essential. As this guide to glue guns highlights, these devices come in a range of sizes and models. However, it suggests that low-heat glue guns might be a great option for upcycling fans, as they are ideal for crafting and delicate materials like fabric. It adds that a glue gun can also be useful for attaching beads and other items, so it could be vital as you breathe fresh life into items that have seen better days.

    Another essential is a quality sewing kit, as this may help when you are doing bits and pieces by hand. Good Housekeeping has compiled a list of quality kits to look out for, including the best for beginners and quality sets for sewing at home. Of course, if you are very serious about giving your wardrobe a major revamp, a sewing machine could be a wise investment as well. House & Garden has an article on some of the best sewing machines on the market and it adds that Singer is probably the most popular brand.

    Spotlight on upcycling

    It is interesting to see how major brands are going green and thinking sustainably in innovative ways. The new collection mentioned above has put a real spotlight on upcycling and could well encourage a few people to think more about how they can embrace the concept.

    If you are interested in upcycling, we hope our suggestions might offer some food for thought on how to get started. By adopting this outlook, you may have the chance to see your old clothes in a brand-new light.

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