5 Best Video Game Themed Slot Machines

    Video games are an essential part of the world today, where the gaming community has grown tremendously. A wide range of game categories and genres offer a more interactive experience for gamers.

    These games have not only inspired other games but gambling as well, which include slot machines. Before we talk about the best video game-themed slot games, first, let’s quickly look at what slot machines are.

    What are Slot machines?

    The slot machine is short for nickel-in-the-slot-machine, the British version of pokies. It operates by dropping one or more coins as tokens into the machine and then creating the perfect combination across a series of possibilities for the slot machine.

    Why are Slot Machines Popular?

    Slot machines are popular for a wide range of reasons. For starters, these games allow users to come to score high prizes in a shorter period. Moreover, these games are simple and easy, ideal for players new and old. They also have flexibility in stakes, letting players adjust their strategies as they play.

    The payouts are usually higher with the slot machines, making them ideal for long-term games.

    However, the biggest reason these slot machines are so popular is the availability of games. These games are essentially the same but have different elements based on their theme.

    The slot machines have various themes, including Wild West, science and fiction, etc. However, the video-themed slots are the most popular in online casinos. Let’s talk about these slots in this article.

    Best Video Game Themed Slot Games

    Video game-themed slots are an exciting concept because they merge our favorite gaming characters with classic slot machines. Look at the top video game-themed slot games you should look out for.

    Resident Evil

    Resident Evil is one of the most iconic gaming franchises in the shooter game genres that you will come across. The game blends zombie apocalypse elements with a shooting experience for a more interactive experience. Moreover, the series has several games to its name and needs no introduction in terms of popularity. The game also has its coin-operated game after its initial launch in the late 90s.

    The game moves mix characters, weapons, add-ons, and “wilds” to win more in the game. Moreover, the games have a game-in-game experience where characters like Leon play to gather resources and bonuses. These elements make resident Evil our first choice for slot games, as you will also find the company logo in the game.

    Call of Duty

    Call of Duty is the star of Activision and Blizzard’s creations, having a long-running legacy of armed forces-based first-person shooter games. While the fans are unsure about the franchise’s future after Microsoft acquired it, slot games are still a favorite for COD players globally. The slot machines hold on to the original game elements and help maintain the original game aura.


    Hitman is the prime assassination and stealth game experience with several titles. It offers a unique gaming experience with options like scatters, free spins, and multiple bonuses. Players can get up to 18FS (free spins) and the Contract Promo option, allowing players to select targets and weapons. The game also offers an RTP at 95.72% and started in 2007.

    Street Fighter

    Street Fighter game first released in 1987, followed by its first slot game in 1999 by NetEnt’s Cluster Pays system. It soon became one of the top games in the best online casinos in the region. Streetfighter slots have retained their original game elements with character options like Chun-Li, Guile, Ken, Ryu, or Sagat. The game offers multiple wagering options, and each lineup is for $20. Players can also enjoy exclusive features like boxing gloves, two fighters, and a skull necklace as common symbols.

    Tomb Raider

    Tomb Raider has a unique gaming experience because it uses video clips as the spins, allowing five reels with 15 lines of pay. Players can win up to 7,500 coins, and the game is available across different platforms.

    Video game-themed slots are the best ways to experience online gaming while keeping the real essence of the game alive.

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