Music Festival Must-Haves

    It’s summer, and that means it’s the season of music festivals! From Lollapalooza to Coachella, we’re gearing up to spend some long weekends outdoors, dancing the day away with our favorite artists. Here are five things you can bring to ensure you don’t wipe out before the encore.

    Keep Yourself Above 10%

    When you’re jostling with thousands of dusty concertgoers, it’s easy to lose track of the crew you came with, making your smartphone that much more essential.

    But unless the festival grounds have charging stations, you also have to worry about your phone battery. Or do you?

    Bring a portable battery or if you’re with a big crew, invest in the best solar generator to keep your squad connected. It’s perfect for festivals, camping, tailgating, and when you need some extra juice to keep you connected in the great outdoors. Take Lorde’s advice and “turn it on in a new kind of bright.”


    Festivals are often exhausting, and with temperatures hitting record highs, it’s more crucial than ever to keep yourself hydrated.Skip the long lines at the beer tent and bring yourself a reusable bottle to keep your system cool.

    Regular sips throughout the day will maintain your energy throughout the day. If you are planning on drinking, it’s also a smart way of mitigating that nasty hangover on the second day of the festival.

    Is your fanny pack filling up? Look for a collapsible container that won’t take up too much space after you’ve replenished.

    Sun Protection

    Speaking of the heat, a little SPF goes a long way in combating the sun. If you’re soaking it up with Sheryl Crow or vibing with Vance Joy in the Saturday Sun, you’d better bring some protection for your body’s largest organ.

    Re-apply generously throughout the day—your skin will thank you. So will your selfies, unless you want to look beat red in your photos!

    Ready for Rain in July 

    It’s not just the sun that can damper your fun. When the storm clouds gather, be ready with a poncho or two. As every Gaga or Grande stan knows, you have to be resilient when the rain comes. A quick-dry towel and a light raincoat will keep you dancing in the front row, flicking off every drop.


    Maybe Erykah Badu is running 45 minutes late to her show. Maybe you’re not interested in seeing the next band. Or maybe you need to sit down and take a breather. That’s when it’s time to spread out a blanket and take up some space on the lawn.

    It’s a great way to relax and recharge in the middle of a long day. If you’re coming to the shows solo, it’s also a fantastic way to make new friends.

    Be Prepared

    As with any multi-day event, a little preparation goes a long way. When you’re partying hard, sometimes the slightest inconvenience can be a total buzz kill. With the essentials we listed, you’ll be ready for all the elements, so you can stay relaxed and enjoy what you broke into your savings account for: the music.

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