NJ Diet Reviews: Are DNA Based Diets Effective?

    Anyone currently trying to lose weight is probably familiar with the extensive options currently on the market. It seems like virtually everywhere you look, there’s a new cleanse, detox, fad, or program. These programs promise to lose weight effortlessly, yet stubborn pounds don’t want to move. Unfortunately, most diet plans believe in offering a generic program that appeals to everyone, hoping everyone can lose weight similarly. The reality is far from that, as most methods can’t account for every component of a person’s life.

    A New Method of Weight Loss

    Nutrigenomics is a relatively new scientific method for weight loss. It connects nutrition, genetics, and overall health to your weight loss, understanding how the body works biologically. Genetic testing into the overall health and nutrition allows medical professionals to pinpoint how nutrients and minerals influence the body. The process involves the unique study of DNA mapping with respect to predispositions to health conditions. These gene variants may affect weight loss or general intolerances. From there, it evaluates your genes’ influence on weight loss attempts.

    How Do DNA-based Diets Work?

    Having a complete picture of your body and how it works is a vital starting point for effective weight loss. While a generic diet plan offers one program for everyone, a DNA-based diet will optimize your program according to your unique genetic structure. These diets often start with a comprehensive scan of the body, building a complete understanding of how you interact with nutrients, diet, micronutrients, minerals, and macronutrients. Then, the supervising medical professional will set a baseline for all participants using hair, blood, saliva, and other biological markers. The review will also encompass positive genes (that may help individuals lose weight) and harmful genes (predisposing people to various medical conditions).

    Focus on Nutrigenomic Evaluation

    During the initial nutrigenomic evaluation, doctors evaluate nearly 2000 biomarkers. The medical team will also review 150 genes within the individual’s body. After the analysis, the doctor will develop a customized diet plan to match and support these markers. Finally, with a strong focus on optimal health, the medical team will incorporate dietary supplements to maximize an individual’s performance.

    The Purpose Behind Supplements on the Nutrigenomic Diet

    As a nutrigenomic diet typically focuses on optimal health, many programs believe it’s imperative to heal the body from the inside out. The supplements on a DNA-based diet are custom prescribed, administering only high-quality products to optimize your health and nutrition while following the program. Every individual will receive a custom formulation for their specific health profile. For instance, those with iron deficiencies will receive supplements with iron.

    Overall Reviews of DNA-Based Diets

    Before starting a nutrigenomic diet plan, it’s essential to use a medical professional. Participants following the plan should always seek ongoing medical supervision and evaluation to ensure proper health and safety. For example, many NJ Diet reviews highlight participants’ close contact with their doctor throughout the program. These individuals will receive the contact details for their doctor throughout the 40 days, whether in person, by email, or over the phone. By maintaining close contact during the program, participants are never left struggling on their own.

    How Does the NJ Diet Work?

    The NJ Diet offers individuals scientific weight loss through DNA-based planning. The diet incorporates nutrigenomic research with customized diet planning and medical supervision. This approach allows significant weight loss by catering the program to individual biomarkers. As participants enroll, they’ll undergo four steps throughout the program, starting with a consultation.

    The Consultation

    The consultation is $99 but often holds a discounted value online of $27. Most individuals will register for the program and undergo the medical evaluation on-site with their doctor. Patients will give saliva, blood, hair, and bio-energetic balancing scans. This scan will evaluate the various foods within the body you digest quickly, along with any foods your body struggles to utilize. When the scan is complete, individuals will receive a comprehensive portfolio of their overall health.

    A Brief Overview of the NJ Diet

    After the evaluation, participants will receive a strict dietary, supplement, and exercise list to follow. The plan is 40-days long, geared to heal the gut from the inside out. As the body rids toxins, it will improve its overall functioning. While the NJ diet is a low-calorie plan, many supplements prevent participants from feeling hungry while following the program. The supplements also work to optimize the body while fixing any hormonal imbalances.

    Reporting to Medical Professionals

    The third step of the NJ diet program will work simultaneously with the second step. Participants will check in with the doctor every ten to fifteen days for evaluation. These appointments are essential for optimal success. The medical team will track your progress, promote body healing, and determine whether your body is burning fat. During these evaluations, a doctor may adjust or shift your diet.

    Maintaining the Weight Loss

    Finally, the weight loss journey wraps up by teaching participants how to maintain the weight loss achieved in the program. Doctors offer guidance on the foods to avoid, proper calorie intake, and the best foods to keep the weight off. This appointment will ensure your body functions properly to keep the weight off permanently. Patients will undergo further genetic testing and analysis at the time of discharge. Ultimately, these plans set their patients up for success by giving them a complete profile of information to stay happy and healthy in the future.

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