Is It Hard to Get Medical Marijuana in Missouri?

    Medical marijuana was legalized in Missouri for people with debilitating conditions. Patients must get a recommendation from a physician who has been certified by their state of residence.

    They are required to have a registry ID card that will grant them access to the medication after they submit their application and pay the fee.

    After receiving their registry ID card, patients can then get verification of eligibility and registration ID cards from either one of two Missouri state-authorized medical cannabis dispensaries.

    Yes, it is tough to get medical marijuana. The state only has two dispensaries, and a small number of patients can grow their plants. Finding a doctor who can write recommendations for medical marijuana is also challenging since they only have less than 20 doctors registered at the moment. Getting a Missouri medical marijuana card online is among the first steps to take to get medical marijuana.

    But let’s get into the details!

    How To Get Medical Marijuana in Missouri?

    1. Find a Doctor

    The first thing a patient should do to get medical marijuana is finding a doctor. A doctor must be registered in the state and have completed the necessary education for recommending medical marijuana. Only knowledgeable doctors can write prescriptions and offer guidance about medical marijuana and its benefits to their patients.

    2. Fill out the Application

    After finding a registered doctor, the next step is to fill out an application form which will ask for proof of your debilitating condition and other personal information that you may want to be hidden or made available only upon request. You may also attach any supporting documents relevant to your case.

    3. Pay the fee

    After filling up the application form and attaching all necessary documents, you will pay the processing fee. It costs $100 each year stating that you want to register as a patient. Patients will have to pay $400 yearly if they register as patients for two years. They can choose from three different payment methods. Make a payment online, mail-in, or pay cash during their doctor’s appointment.

    4. Register

    After paying for the application processing, you will be asked to return to your doctor’s office within two weeks, where you will receive your registry ID card from your health care professional.

    5. Shop at dispensaries or grow your plants.

    You can now go to one of the two marijuana dispensaries throughout the state and purchase your certified medical cannabis from the vendor. You can also grow your plants at home if you haven’t purchased your medicine.

    What Qualifies For Medical Marijuana in Missouri?

    The law allows doctors to recommend medical marijuana for patients with some of the following conditions:

    1. Cancer.

    This disease refers to malignant cells that grow in vital organs. Cancers can be treated by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

    2. Glaucoma

    People with this condition suffer from pain and blindness caused by increased pressure within their eyes. The pressure is caused by fluid which stops the flow of nutrients that keep eye cells alive and healthy.

    Medications are prescribed to patients with this kind of condition to relieve pain, reduce fluid production in the eyes and protect nerve endings. Thus, they also recommended using eye drops together with bandages or special lenses to protect themselves from further damage to their eyes.

    3. Positive status of human immunodeficiency virus HIV

    This condition aims to protect the patient and their immune system from infections in their bodies before HIV leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS.

    4. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

    This progressive disease affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. It usually begins to show symptoms after a while, ranging from psychiatric disorders to muscle wasting, difficulty in speaking, and paralyzed limbs.

    Other conditions that qualify you to use medical marijuana in the state include epilepsy, intractable migraines unresponsive to other treatments, some psychiatric disorders, and some conditions associated with persistent pain or persistent muscle spasms.

    Bottom Line

    The doctor required to recommend certification for medical marijuana is a Missouri-licensed doctor. Although Article XIV in the Medical Marijuana in Missouri patient information allows Missouri-licensed physicians to discuss and recommend medical marijuana for their patients, the Constitution does not mandate physicians to do so as part of their practice. Therefore, if your physician won’t complete a Physician Certification Form, ask if they would be willing to refer you to a physician who will.

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