Top Of The Shops: Steps To Boost Customer Review Scores

    Competition among retailers is fierce. If you have an online store, and you sell products, it’s natural to want to be at the top of the tree. As studies show that over 90% of consumers check reviews before making a purchase, it has never been more important to achieve rave reviews. In this guide, we’ll outline effective steps you can take to boost customer ratings

    Outstanding customer service

    Bad customer service is the most common reason consumers leave negative feedback and low review scores. If there are delays, it’s impossible to contact the business, emails go unnoticed, or staff are rude, this can contribute to negative reviews. Over 95% of customers will leave a business as a result of poor customer service. To optimize ratings, aim to provide your customers with outstanding customer service. Provide updates on each order, offer help and advice through responsive support channels and make sure your clients can get in touch. Live chat is brilliant for online stores and websites, and it’s also helpful to check social media feeds and email inquiries. If you run into trouble that is beyond your control, for example, a problem with your delivery company, explain the situation, keep your customers in the loop and offer compensation. You could refund the delivery charge, for example, or offer a discount on the next purchase. 

    Product presentation

    Online shopping has become incredibly popular. Most customers are used to receiving packages through the mail, but this doesn’t mean that their expectations are any lower than they were when online ordering launched. Customers want to be able to open a parcel or a box and find that the product they ordered is in pristine condition. Always ensure that you go the extra mile to present your product well and protect it during transit. Look for companies that specialize in custom packaging for small business operations, and work with reputable logistics and delivery firms. As well as ensuring that products arrive on time in excellent condition, you can also use packaging and added extras to promote your brand and enhance the customer experience. Consider using branding bags or boxes, or including a promotional sticker or free samples for another product from your range, for example. 


    Poor quality products are another common reason why shoppers leave negative comments on review sites. Implement quality control, check orders before they leave the store or warehouse and make sure you have policies in place to deal with customers if they receive broken or damaged items. Enhancing quality and using high-quality materials can add value, which will set your business apart. If there is an issue with a product, communicate with the customer and resolve the problem promptly. You could offer to replace the product or give the client a refund. 

    More than 90% of consumers use reviews to help them make buying decisions. As a business owner, it’s crucial to understand the impact of reviews and to strive for high scores. Provide customers with outstanding service and support, present your products in a way that will appeal to your clients and work with reputable delivery and packaging firms. Check the quality and condition of each item and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

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