Is It Possible for Gambling Movies to Influence the Casino Industry?

    There is no escape from the fact that movies and TV shows have an influence on the way we live our lives and pop culture as a whole. Simply look at season 4 of Stranger Things and how that catapulted Kate Bush back to number 1 in the charts. As such, with gambling being such a popular theme in the film industry, is it possible for the fantasy of the casino to influence the actual casino industry and gambling culture as a whole?

    The Perfect Storm 

    The fact of the matter is that the movie industry can influence the casino industry due to the fact they both entertain such a large variety of people. It’s very common that people will watch a movie or enjoy the best online casinos Canada have to offer and play games such as poker, blackjack and slots. There are a huge range of different games available such as GoodFishes, The New Blackjack and Perfect Pairs. The fact that they are both so widely engaged with means that you tend to see casino stereotypes from films trickle into the different games available on these websites. For instance, games with big payouts are frequented because so many films feature that kind of win.

    The Chance to Win Big 

    Realistically, if you are playing on slot machines and are looking to win, you should try games with smaller jackpots over larger ones as they tend to pay out more frequently. Of course, the glamour of Hollywood movies and the chance to win big can quickly cloud that judgement and as such, a lot of gamblers choose to chance their luck at the big jackpot games. This is a clear example of how gambling movies can influence gambling culture.

    Beating the System (Reading Strategies) 

    A lot of casino games are down to luck such as slot machines, in fact, there isn’t a single casino game out there where you don’t need a little bit of luck to win. That being said, some of the games such as poker are a convolution of both the cards you’re dealt but then also how you play with them. The strategic nature of a lot of gambling movies makes people who play these days a lot more interested in reading about the different strategies that they could use in order to try and find the one that will work most effectively for them. Of course, there is no such thing as beating the system and gamblers know that, but they enjoy giving themselves as much of an edge over the house as they possibly can.

    Does Hollywood Influence Casino Culture? 

    The short answer is yes. Both movies and casino games are incredibly popular, and a lot of people engage with them for entertainment purposes. As such, it’s hardly a surprise that the two industries occasionally drift into one another. This means that some of the storylines that centre around gambling such as potentially winning big and having a good strategy in place are adopted by gamblers when they are choosing what games to play and how they will go about playing them.

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