Best Suburbs To Live in The Bay Area for Millennials & Gen-Zers

    The Bay Area is a popular international hub for Millennials and Gen-Zers looking for employment opportunities. It boasts a booming tech industry and plenty of entertainment and natural wonders, making it an enticing place for young professionals.

    These professionals gravitate to modern suburbs with trendy apartments and ample entertainment. They also look for areas close to Silicon Valley tech giant companies.

    If you’re a Millennial or Gen-Zer planning to move to the Bay Area, check out our selection of the six best suburbs to live in.

    Mission Bay

    Mission Bay is a relatively new neighborhood with modern buildings, making it a popular choice for Millennials and Gen-Zers. It’s located one hour from Silicon Valley and is close to the Financial District.

    One thing to note is that Mission Bay is flooded with scientists and tech gurus, giving the suburb an intellectual feel. As such, expect to have active and ambitious neighbors.

    Most young professionals love the youthful energy and balanced work life here. The suburb is also clean and safe with a well-organized community.

    South Beach

    South Beach is one of the Bay Area’s fastest-growing neighborhoods. It’s centrally located which makes it easy to access.

    The suburb is close to the region’s biggest job opportunities in the Financial District, Mission Bay, and SOMA. The area also has excellent schools.

    While living here, you’ll be able to do high-tech shopping at the Metreon and experience high culture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

    South Beach offers some of the most modern short term rentals in Bay Area and abundant transit makes it a great choice for professionals, students, and professors.

    Nob Hill

    Nob Hill is named after one of the Bay Area’s seven hills. The suburb’s signature elements range from Victorian architecture to an urban vibe. Simply put, it is where history meets modernity.

    Young professionals settle here because of its accessibility to the nearby Silicon Valley and the Financial District.

    When you want to relax, visit Huntington Park and ride a bike there. You can also take a walk, then pass by Bob’s Donuts and get an apple fritter or a butter croissant.

    If you’re looking for a good way to get around, a cable car is inexpensive and reliable. The area is on a hill, but it’s quite walkable. It’s also dog friendly.

    Marina District

    Marina District may be one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the Bay Area, but it is home to thousands of young professionals in their 30s and 20s.

    The best attractions are within walking distance. For example, you can take in the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge, visit the maritime museum or get tickets to the Palace of Fine Arts Theater.

    Young professionals often take a break from work and head to Off the Grid to enjoy food from the numerous food trucks. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to satisfy your craving at Ghirardelli Square.

    Mountain View

    Mountain View is a highly rated Bay Area suburb with the biggest names in tech, such as Google, Samsung, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Nokia, and Symantec. No wonder Millennials and Ge-Zers love it here.

    The school system here is rated highly, but young professionals have a lot to do besides work and school.

    You can visit the Shoreline Wildlife Refuge Area and trail, which was once a dumping site but later converted to a 700-acre park with a golf course, bay rails, saltwater lake, and rolling hills.


    If Emeryville sounds familiar, it’s because that’s where Pixar Animation Studio resides. Other notable tech companies stationed here include LeapFrog, MobiTV, and Sendmail.

    Emeryville offers a pleasant view of the Bay Area when it’s not too foggy. It is accessible through a free shuttle that takes you to the BART system and also has an Amtrak station providing commuter service within California and across the country.


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