Most Viewed and Liked Music Clips on YouTube: How to Promote Your Own Music Video

    Music has always been a vital part of people’s lives. A lot of people find that music helps them to relax, and it’s even been used at times to help reduce heart rates and blood pressure. At the same time, music is a major mood booster, with the ability to reduce anxiety and bring someone joy. 

    With so many benefits, it’s no wonder people turn to creating their own music or their own clips to share with the world. For a lot of people, sharing their own music is just as therapeutic as listening to other music, right? 

    But how can you be successful on places like YouTube? Well, check out some of these most viewed clips followed by a few tips to help you out. 

    Most Viewed Music Clips on YT

    Let’s start by diving into some of the clips out there with the most likes and views. This could help give you some basic inspiration to get you started. 

    These are the ones you will find at the top with a host of viewers attached to them. 

    • Baby Shark Dance (10+ million)
    • Despacito
    • Shape of You
    • See You Again
    • Uptown Funk
    • Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster
    • Gangnam Style
    • Sugar
    • Roar
    • Counting Stars
    • Sorry
    • Thinking Out Loud
    • Faded

    Most of these titles you likely recognize, and many of them are by some of the biggest names in the music industry. But you notice that the #1 spot is taken by Baby Shark with more than 10 million views on deck. Of course, this is likely from parents simply trying to entertain their little ones and keep them happy – but it works! 

    Then, you have a few random ones in there. The thing about it is that while some of these are popular music clips, it’s the video that captivates the viewer and that’s where you need to turn your focus. 

    When it comes down to it, the goal should be to create content that attracts viewers and likers. So how do you do that? 

    Check out these tips. 

    Grab Their Attention

    The first detail that is the most pertinent is that you need to be able to capture an audience. Sometimes, it takes some effort to get started, and then the music clip could take off substantially. This is exactly what happened with Baby Shark. Once it took off, it took the world by storm. 

    Many influencer users even buy YouTube likes with cheap prices simply to get that initial start on viewing and engagement for a video. This is a great way to simply get the movement started. Once those initial views are in place, the video starts to be easier to find and therefore easier to see. 

    However, even if you’re going to pay for some likes, you still need quality content. You want something that is going to capture the eye of anyone who drops in to watch it. Make it worth their while. 

    Build Your Channel Well

    Finding a way to get people to come to you starts with the very basics when you think about it. You see, this isn’t just about gauging a single music clip. It’s also about making a name for yourself and getting people to notice your channel. 

    Yes, you want likes and views on that clip you worked so hard to create, but you also want to grow your overall fan base as well. And how do you accomplish this? You need to make your profile and your channel attractive, just as much as that clip you’re boosting. 

    Start with developing your profile, creating a great bio, adding some hashtags, and coming up with a captivating photo and description. 

    Enhance the Video Details

    Now that you’ve got your channel set up and you have a great profile, let’s focus on this video that is destined for growth. The trick to getting this particular video climbing the ranks is to optimize it, use some SEO, and fine-tune every little detail tied to bringing in the numbers. 

    Here’s an example. Every video gets a description. This has the ability to be substantial, but it doesn’t have to be huge. What it does need to be is SEO-optimized, informative, and quippy. You want to make it short and sweet, but make sure it’s built to entice someone to watch the video. 

    You need to take the same care when creating your titles. And don’t forget the thumbnail, either. YouTube automatically portrays a thumbnail, and sometimes it’s just plain black or some awkward part of your video. But you can improve it and choose your own custom detail for this piece. Find an image that will attract. 

    According to studies the most viewed video clips and music clips all have custom thumbnails, with only a few exceptions. 

    Engagement & Audience Success

    If you really want to have a successful experience, you want to place significant importance on your audience and their likes or demands. Take the time to learn what your audience enjoys and what they want to see. 

    YT equips every channel with the ability to view analytics. Use these often to find out what is or is not working and then make adjustments. When something works really well, keep using similar strategies. When something bombs, find a way to make it better or don’t use that tactic anymore. 

    With music clips, people really enjoy closed captioning so they can know the exact lyrics. Find some way to incorporate these, so your audience doesn’t have to try to wing it or figure it out. It’s a form of engagement and a popular way to enhance the experience. 

    Now, don’t forget to interact and engage with the audience as well. Your clip isn’t going to be engaging most likely so you need to find other ways to interact with the people. They want to feel important, and this will contribute to your success. 

    Take the time to encourage people to give you feedback or respond to you in some way. Then, interact with them. Respond to questions and comments. Discuss things with people and listen to what they have to say with care. 

    Don’t forget to ask viewers to like, share, and subscribe as well. 

    Viewers are Yours for the Taking

    When it comes down to it, you can build viewers by putting in a lot of hard work and effort. Most of the time, those efforts will pay off if you’re willing to try. Whether you buy some likes to get traction or you work hard to promote, share, and boost you can find success much like those other popular clips at the top of the lists.

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