5 Gifts For The Aspiring Artist In Your Life

    We all know someone who’s artistic, loves to sketch, take photographs, or simply creates. Artists take note of the beauty in life. Therefore, the gifts you give them should be beneficial and allow them to continue to create beauty.

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an aspiring or professional artist, below are five gifts that will be beneficial and loved!

    1. Wall Decor & Photography

    Aspiring artists have a place they like to work in. Perhaps it’s a studio or their garage.

    Help elevate their workspace with some wall decor or photography. A painting from their favorite artist, for instance, is a gift they’ll cherish and enjoy looking at each and every day.

    If that aspiring artist in your life is your significant other, become the art! If you’re looking for a more intimate and romantic gift, consider Boudoir photography. While we can’t promise they’ll have this portrait up in their work studio, we do guarantee it’ll be a gift they’ll enjoy glancing at whenever they get a chance!

    2. Sketchbook

    If they’re unsure of their medium yet, or you don’t know what art they’re into, mixed media pads are great choices. These are amazing gifts as they allow for sketching, painting, watercolors, and more. And, let’s face it; have you ever met an artist that’s turned down a sketchbook?

    Now, let’s say you know the type of art someone likes to create. Get them paper that fits their preferences. For example, heavy, thick paper is best for artists using markers and watercolors. If they’re using dry media, lighter paper is best. You will also have to consider the “tooth” or texture. If they’re using charcoal or pastels, paper with more bite is suitable as the pits and grooves hold the pigment.

    3. Leather Paint Brush Roll

    This is a great gift for painters on the go. These waxed leather cases keep brushes organized and in the best shape possible. You can even customize the outside or inner pockets!

    Add their name, initials, or a short phrase that means a lot to them or you. Whatever you decide to write, it will be sure to inspire them each time they paint.

    4. Hand Massager

    More than likely, your favorite artist is a little rough on their hands. After they spend a long day painting, drawing, or sculpting, they can sit down and unwind with a hand massager.

    Most hand massagers have a few intensity levels and deciding on the model you get, may include heat and vibration. They also come sold is cord or cordless options.

    Not only do hand massages feel good, but it helps ease muscle tension and can reduce pain. Some benefits of hand massages include:

    • Reduced hand pain
    • Less anxiety
    • Better mood
    • Improved sleep
    • Greater grip strength

    5. Paintbrush Cleaner

    Another way to protect those paintbrushes from falling apart or getting ruined is to clean them after each use. Having them cleaned regularly also increases longevity and saves money in the long run.

    Having a brush cleaner offers a simple solution. These tools wash paintbrushes without you having to run to the sink to wash out the colors. Some models even give your brushes plenty of space to dry.

    There are different types of paintbrush cleaners. Some look like mason jars, champagne bottles, or shower caddies. Always read the product description and customer reviews to learn if it’s a good pick.

    Final Thoughts

    Can’t decide on a gift for the artist in your life? Any of these items will work! Whether it’s for a birthday or holiday, the artist in your life will appreciate you getting them a gift that allows them to create.

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