5 Most Famous Novels About Casinos and Gambling

    With the advent of the digital age, modern forms have taken over with videos on YouTube and TikTok that keep people busy and entertained for hours. Video games, movies, and TV series are also top of the line, but some still enjoy sitting down and going through pages of a novel not just to relax but learn something new. Whether they read a paper book or an eBook, reading is a hobby and favorite pass time and still going strong. Today we have curated a list of famous novels that revolve around the gambling world, especially for fans of online gambling who visit websites like LasAtlantis.com frequently.

    The excellent novels in this list are fantastic because there is a particular pleasure in reading about people defeating the system of an organization where the house is always slated to win. Be ready to hear here about:

    • The famous 007 agent;
    • Genius students;
    • Underground casinos;
    • Dangerous connections;
    • The most outstanding poker player.

    Bringing Down the House – Ben Mezrich

    Bringing Down the House is an intense page-turner about MIT students who scam big-name Casinos of millions of dollars. The story is about a group of students from the fields of mathematics and physics at MIT who use the technique of counting cards to either fold or draw cards. The whole plot has lots of dazzles, including greed of the system, how high profiling spending takes place, and not being bereft of sex and scandals. Mind you, this is a true story about the professor and his students, and no joke starred Kevin Spacey in the movie. 

    These students and their teacher devised ingenious plans as a blackjack team to rob these Casinos of millions of dollars fair and square with their spotting trick. They were so successful that all Casinos banned ‘spotting’ and made it into a law to stop others from doing the same.

    The movie was adapted into a film in 2008, starred by Kevin Spacey as the teacher making the scheme and training his young protégés. The director so beautifully choreographed the movie that it became an overnight success. If you love the movie and enjoy reading books, this book is perfect for you; as we all know, “The film isn’t always as good as the books.”

    About Ben Mezrich

    Mezrich has had a fantastic career of 19 years and 24 books to his name, with many international bestsellers and over 10 million copies sold. His books like “Bringing Down the House” and “The Accidental Billionaires” were huge successes both stayed more than 15 weeks on the best sellers list. Studios adopted both books into successful movies. He has become one of the only few writers ever to have two blockbuster movies under their belt and get to the top 25 writers in Hollywood.

    His 2nd bestseller and now a blockbuster movie is about the success of none other than Mark Zuckerberg. The book is all about the fame of what is now known as Facebook. This novel follows the story of how hacking the university servers to build a database of his peers becomes a hobby and, later on, a way to communicate. No one knew this would be one of the most famous and common ways of communicating in the present world for years to come.

     He has been dramatically successful in creating a whole new world with his groundbreaking and genre-defining writing style, bringing to life stories about geniuses. The way he explains the risks these trendsetters took and reshaped the world makes you want to read each novel in a single sitting. His other works include Sex on the Moon, Ugly Americans, Busting Vegas, and many more.

    Casino Royale – Ian Fleming

    A gambling novels and even a gambling movies list would be incomplete without Casino Royale, both of the most favorites for this genre’s fans. Ian Fleming spins an intriguing and nail-biting thriller for a James Bond movie like no other. The detail of the gambling world depicted and explained so well in the book is translated with the best homage to the writer in the movie. The movie is full of action, unlike the book. Amazingly Daniel Craig’s acting and portrayal of James Bond is loved as one of the best James Bond movies of all time.

    Enjoy this amazing read about the great adventure of James Bond, 007, again as he dives head deep into the espionage and scandals of the gambling world. The handsome British agent 007 is sent on a mission to France to take down  Le Chiffre. The story of 007 is never complete without at least one beautiful love interest, and here it’s about Vesper Lynd with a dark secret from MI6 sent there to help him.

    One thing to note here is that Ian Fleming wrote the book in 1953 and one of the first books of the infamous agent 007, aka James Bond. So the movie returns to its roots and takes the high-stakes story soon after James Bond gets the 00 status. 

    About Ian Fleming

    It is hard not to know Fleming if you have seen even a single James Bond movie, as he is the author behind all books and the inspiration behind all the movies. His stories about the handsome spy span 12 novels and nine short stories in his career. 

    Ian Fleming is the grandson of Robert Fleming, the founder of Robert Fleming & Co. bank and Scottish American Investment Trust. Fleming was not just an author or a journalist but a navy commander during WW2.

    Most of Fleming’s writing was post World War when the British empire was fading from its former glory, so they needed an icon to boost the morale in these failing times. Bond mythology gave the brits an inflated ego and enhanced their failing self-image after the wars. These themes were predominant in his stories of the spy with famous lines such as “we don’t show teeth anymore—only gums.” This showed Fleming was acutely aware of the waning British prestige and gave the citizens a great hero in his books who was not just handsome and classy but deadly when his government needed it to protect its interests.

    Molly’s Game – Molly Bloom

    You can term this novel as a biography mixed with the sex and drama of the gambling world. The novel talks about the author’s boom as a figure skater, but due to an injury, she had to retire. Bloom was not a quitter, so she used her contacts during her fame by starting a gambling ring for the most famous and high rollers. Her gambling joint was secretive, underground, and only open to celebrities and influential people. 

    She didn’t know that all that glamour and glitz would turn against her when she rubbed shoulders with the most notorious gamblers from the mob. What happens next and how she comes out on top is full of suspense and for you to read without any spoilers. 

    The book was later adapted into a hit movie by the same name starring Edris Elba and Jessica Chastain as Molly. The movie depicts the events of the book with great detail and the antics of all the powerful and famous, primarily the Russian mafia criminals. Jessica’s acting depicts how strong women can control crazy influential people with just her words and the glamourous façade she builds around her establishment.

    About Molly Bloom

    Molly was a famous Olympic skier, she trained for years as it was her dream which was broken to pieces when she was injured and had to retire. As mentioned above, she was convicted for her high-stakes gambling ring and fined $200,000 with a year of probation. She also had to do 200 hours of community service. She turned things around again and shared her stories with the world as she is now an entrepreneur and a speaker, not just an author.

    She was born in Loveland, Colorado, in 1978. Her father was a professor, while her mother was a snowboard and ski instructor. She got her inspiration and aspirations from her mother to become a figure skater and has trained since childhood. 

    The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told – Mark Paul

    A full of life drama, one of the most authentic tales of gambling influenced by the cartel, and full of intriguing relationships with a deep narrative of a racehorse. The “Winning Colors” racehorse dominated the track with its speed while inspiring the crowd. The story takes a beautiful turn when it involves a trio of gamblers who get it in with the wrong people and eventually how it all turns out for the better.

    The story has been aptly named “crazier-than-fiction” and is one of the most remarkable gambling stories ever told.

    About Mark Paul

    The life of Mark Paul is full of adventures, including motorcycle racing, investment in around 40 horses, and sailing 5,000 miles in his sailboat just to attend horse racing in different countries tells a lot about him. No wonder his stories are so full of intrigue and adventure. 

    Paul used the Greatest Gambling Novel to become a character of his storytelling in the 3rd person and how he lives his life in a fictional tale. It is always great to write about oneself in a fictional world to talk about dreams which aren’t possible in real life.

    One of a Kind – N. Dalla


    One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stuey is one of the most amazing autobiographical stories on “The Kid” Ungar, The World’s Greatest Poker Player, Stuey Ungar, the poker champ, consecutively three times champion of the Poker World Series. He was the best card player ever lived but unfortunately died of mysterious circumstances in a motel. 

    The novel represents his life’s tragic story away from the poker world champions through a series of monologues, tapes, and interviews. He dropped out of school early and became a sensation overnight when he started playing underground card-table games. He was so good that he could take out even the top players in his game. 

    The overarching story in the novel is about a man succeeding in poker games to the top but failing miserably in his life. The unfortunate thing about him was that he gambled away every penny he ever earned. 

    About Nolan Dalla

    Nolan was approached by Stuey himself to write his amazingly tragic story in 1998, where Nolan interviewed him and recorded hundreds of hours of tape. These tapes helped Nolan write this tragic and dark genius story of Stuey.

    Nolan Dalla has been involved in many endeavors besides writing Stuey’s autobiography. He worked for the state department until his attraction to gambling life led him to run poker websites and write about them. Most of his initial career was with the state department. He became pretty famous for his works and the effort he put into what online gambling is today.

    Due to these exploits, Ungar approached him, and even after Ungar’s death, Nolan finished his life story. He was lauded for writing such a harrowing story in such a gripping manner as he only had conversations with Stuey and nothing else. This autobiography also helped him become the Media Director of the World Series of poker, which he managed with flying colors for a few years. He now lives in Las Vegas, right there at the heart of gambling.


    Life is full of stories of people wanting to become rich overnight with a simple trick or scam. These stories probably engage people so much that most gamble in hopes of winning big. Even the biggest gamblers eventually have a harsh life, maybe because of gambling it all away or messing with the wrong people. It’s no surprise people are pissed when they lose money, and the Casinos are more pissed when players win big. All the novels in this list revolve around a similar sentiment, and that’s why they are intriguing reads.

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