How Climbing Frames Are Good For Children’s Development

    Children just love climbing things which is why in any playground – at home, school or in the park – the climbing frame is always the first to be approached by energetic kids excited to play. 

    Fun is great, of course, but it’s also encouraging to know that children are getting extra benefits from their time on the climbing frame. These sturdy, well-designed constructions not only encourage play, but they actively help boost a child’s development. Here’s how: 

    Creative Thinking

    Climbing frames encourage creative thinking and imaginary play, as children will create games around them, such as imagining it being a pirate ship that needs steering, or a mountain to climb and reach the peak. They also need to think creatively to problem solve their way around the frame, to manoeuvre sideways, up and down safely and successfully. 

    Self-Esteem & Confidence

    Studies show that children are aware of their own boundaries and abilities, and they are unlikely to try and push themselves beyond that point when using a climbing frame. Although a well made climbing frame will be in line with safety guidelines for a child using it, ‘safe’ failure will occur, which is normal and natural and helps the child to grow and develop their skills. Children will slowly reach new goals, and achieve more every time they play on the frame, helping to boost their self-esteem and confidence. 

    Healthy Lifestyle

    The NHS tells us that toddlers need to be physically active for at least three hours a day, and children over the age of five should have at least sixty minutes of exercise daily. Climbing frames encourage plenty of movement to help contribute to these healthy lifestyle goals. 

    Emotional Wellbeing

    It is known that active children help cope with stress better than less active children. Exercise on climbing frames, and other apparatus, helps to get lots of negative energy out and encourages feel-good hormones to be released. This also helps to regulate and enhance sleep quality, further aiding children to deal with stressful situations better. 

    Learning & Engaging Elsewhere

    Children who use climbing frames to ‘let off steam’ are more able to be focused and engaged in learning environments, and at home. After a great play session in the playground children will benefit from all the feel good chemicals which improve their memory, mood and ability to do well in their learning. 

    Social Skills

    Climbing frames in a child’s playground are shared, often by lots of children at the same time. For their safety and fun, there are only a certain number of children able to get onto the frame at a time, and so active sharing has to take place. 

    As a climbing frame is often an aesthetic and functional centre point for a playground, it also draws children towards it, who then congregate, socialise and make friends. 

    Physical Development

    When children squeeze, grip, push, pull, stretch and grab on the climbing frame, their muscle tone improves, and their fine and gross motor skills are used in many different ways. They also have better spatial and directional awareness, and their cardiovascular system is worked, supporting heart health. 

    Are You Ready To Help Boost Children’s Development As They Play? 

    Climbing frames are exciting, aesthetically pleasing, functional centrepieces for any playground whether they are used in private, public or educational settings. . 

    With a professional climbing frame manufactured and installed by a knowledgeable and experienced company, you can help kids under your care to make the most of playground time every day, every season, rain or shine.

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